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ChatZilla online help system


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There are a number of good reasons to having a built-in help system, including the ability to read it when everything else has gone tits-up and quicker access to the relevant parts. I propose:

 - A simple window with:
   - Back, forward and home buttons, plus update-on-view toggle.
   - Browser element (running at untrusted-content permissions).
   - Search.
   - Topic tree.
 - All the HTML and whatever is used for the search index and topic tree (JS?
   Plain text?) can be included with the extension, but none of it *has* to be.
 - When loading a topic, check if we can access the website (which would have
   a copy of all the content). If we can, and there's a new version of the
   topic (or we have no local copy), download it into a local cache and
   present that.
 - If there's no 'net access and the page is in our cache, just load that.
 - If there's no 'net access and no cached page, check for an English (en-US)
   version locally, showing that + notice (about the incorrect language) if so.
 - Possibly show an update button in the help window when we're on-line, and
   there are known updates, which would update all the content at once.

I have no idea how we'd manage the content, it could go in CVS, or we could use a separate system. The key point is that although any content in any locale can be included, it can also be downloaded and updated when on-line (hence the use of content-permissions on the browser).
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