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alarms added to all events imported via csv file


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After installing Lightning, I imported my calendar from Microsoft Outlook.  Every entry in Lightning had an alarm--most of them were 15 minutes, but many were random hours and days in advance.  I only use alarms on critical events, so now I need to go remove alarms from each event one at a time.  Very inconvenient and productivity-reducing.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Export calendar file from Microsoft Outlook to .csv file.
2.  Import .csv file into Lightning.
Actual Results:  
Each event now carries an alarm.  Most are set for 15 minutes, but some are days and hours in advance.

Expected Results:  
No alarms, unless the original exported file included alarmed events.
Please attach the .csv file in question or post at least the header line and some lines with faulty events.
I posted an extract.  Ken
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Do you have the option enabled to add an alarm to new events by default? (tools/options/alarms)
The example .csv files contains disabled alarms for all events in the following format:

    ... ,Reminder on/off,Reminder Date,Reminder Time, ...
    ... ,FALSE,          11/8/2007,    12:45:00 PM    ...
    ... ,FALSE,          11/12/2007,   3:45:00 PM,    ...

From looking at the source file it's visible that the on/off setting is ignored and the alarm is added to the event as soon as an alarm date is available:
(In reply to comment #3)
> Do you have the option enabled to add an alarm to new events by default?
> (tools/options/alarms)
No, I ensured that the default I wanted was to NOT add an alarm.
(In reply to comment #2)
> Header and first few lines of imported events in .csv file

The csv files exported from outlook I have seen so far have double quotes around each field, see 

Your file looks like an csv file from Excel. These files are problematic because of unescaped field borders. In the German Excel version ; chars are field delimiters and are not escaped if they are in a cell data.

But as Stefan stated, the alarm on/off setting in the csv file is not considered. In bug 359083 is a replacement file which solves this issue.

Depends on: 359083
Depends on: 405737
No longer depends on: 359083
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
Blocks: 405737
No longer depends on: 405737

> -  var alarmDate = parseDateTime(eventFields[args.alarmDateIndex],
> -                                eventFields[args.alarmTimeIndex],
> -                                locale);

Parse the alarmDate only if an alarm is wanted.

>@@ -284,19 +281,42 @@ function csv_importFromStream(aStream, a
> -      if (alarmDate) {
> -          event.alarmOffset = sDate.subtractDate(alarmDate);
> -          event.alarmRelated = Components.interfaces.calIItemBase
> -                               .ALARM_RELATED_START;

Don't set the alarmOffset generally if the alarmDate is valid. 

> +      // Exists an alarm true/false column?
> +      if ("alarmIndex" in args) {

The alarm column isn't mandatory any more. So first check if it is present.

> +          // Is an alarm wanted for this event?
> +          if (locale.valueTrue == eventFields[args.alarmIndex]) {

Proceed only if an alarm is wanted for this event.

> +              var alarmDate = parseDateTime( ... );
> +              // Set to default if non valid alarmDate was achieved
> +              if (alarmDate) {
> +                  event.alarmOffset = alarmDate.subtractDate(sDate);

Subtract the alarmDate from the startDate to get a negative duration for the offset. This resolves bug 405737.


> +              } else {
> +                  var alarmOffset = Components ... .calIDuration);
> +                  var units = getPrefSafe("calendar.alarms
> +                                          .eventalarmunit","minutes");
> +                  alarmOffset[units] = getPrefSafe("calendar.alarms
> +                                                   .eventalarmlen",15);
> +                  alarmOffset.isNegative = true;
> +                  event.alarmOffset = alarmOffset;
> +              }
> +              event.alarmRelated = Components.interfaces.calIItemBase
> +                                             .ALARM_RELATED_START;

Take the preference settings for new alarms if an alarm is wanted but no alarm time is provided.
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Patch_v1 Looking first if alarm is wanted

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Patch checked in on HEAD and MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.

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