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Minotaur: Add variable to reference a directory


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Currently we have variables like -o -b -c to specify the location of a reference file (like bookmarks.html, output xml, etc). It would be great if we could use a variable where we can specify a directory, since minotaur generates the output file names, then it could depend on those names not changing.

This would save time when testing a huge amount of builds.
This will be fixed by the code that is in bug 401170.  Adding that dependency.
Depends on: 401170
I think that Carsten's original issue is addressed by bug 401170.  However, for L10N testing, he has a valid point, since L10N testing really can't make use of for automation.  This patch includes a new script that enables a user to easily automate running a specific locale through Minotaur.  The script takes care of downloading, installing and running, (and optionally verifying) the given build.

This should enable testers vetting specific locales to have the ability to run one script to vet the locale in question.  We can also use this tool to help simplify L10N buildbot integration because the L10N buildbot scripts can call to download, install, and run minotaur on the locale build of its choice.
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Patch to add ability to run "one" locale

lines 22-23 replace with:
user, passwd = creds.split(":")

minor nit, but it cuts down on repetition.

Otherwise, looks good!
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Thanks for the review and the suggestion.  Still have a bit to learn in the python world.  This patch contains that nit, and I carried the review forward.
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