1.5.2 topcrash [@ DesktopServicesPriv] possibly involving opening or saving files



11 years ago
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One of 1.5.2's topcrashes is in DesktopServicesPriv, and some of the comments seem to mention use of the filepicker (uploading files, saving files).  There's nothing much useful in the Talkback stacks, but, given this is, well, a private OS framework, our working theory is perhaps a haxie.

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11 years ago
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Output from Camino Diagnostics

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11 years ago
Mike, are you able to reproduce this on demand?

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11 years ago
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Camino Diagnostic

This is my first time sending in camino diagnostics, I hope it did it right.
Can either of you reproduce this crash (involving uploading/saving files) on demand, or has it just been random?

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11 years ago
I can't reproduce it on demand. I think it's only happened to me once with 1.5.2.

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11 years ago
I can't reproduce it either. Same story.

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11 years ago
Well, we know now that it's not caused by DefaultFolder or anything of that sort.

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11 years ago
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Camino Diagnostics Output

Here is my somewhat belated camino diagnostics output.  Unfortunately, I have a mass of plug-ins and input managers around, so I'm not sure how helpful this will be.

And, as others, I haven't been able to reproduce this crash...

We also see some in that framework in Breakpad; they're the ones whose crashing functions start with T (note that 10.6.0 was terribly buggy in this framework, so take 10.6.0 crashes with a grain of salt).
A similar crasher was also just reported for Firefox - downloading files from CNET TechTracker, bug 521473

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9 years ago
It may well just be a bug in the OS. It's a component that does sometimes have a nasty crasher for a version or two (as with 10.6.0), and it dose have to interact with the filesystem, so it's not hard to imagine that it's just not quite as bullet-proof as we'd like.
No sense keeping this open any more; 1.5.x was many moons (and a couple of bugmail addresses for ilya) ago :P
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7 years ago
Crash Signature: [@ DesktopServicesPriv]
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