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web-based proto handler "already been added" UI could use some refinements


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It may want the hostname with URI on mouseover.

It probably wants a link to the application prefs dialog.

It might also want to behave differently depending on how registerProtocolHandler was invoked: if it was just done while loading the page (see nsPIDOMWindow::IsLoadingOrRunningTimeone), then we probably wouldn't want to show it.  If it's done from an explicit action, we probably would want to show it.
An alternative to this modal behavior might be a way for websites to test if their handler is already registered.

Requesting blokcing-1.9? as this might deserve a wanted-1.9+.
Flags: blocking1.9?
Whiteboard: [proto]
Can you post a screen shot of the UI you are talking about, and describe how it is invoked.
IMO, if you have both Google Mail and Yahoo Mail protocol handlers installed, with Yahoo as the don't-ask-me default, and you go to Google Mail's "register protocol handler" page, you should be able to at least make Yahoo no longer be the don't-ask-me default.
Attached image current UI in question
If a page calls registerProtocolHandler(), and the handler is already registered, the attached notification bar shows up.  If we do end up keeping this bar all the time (i.e. not switching to modal behavior depending when registerProtocolHandler was called), we might also want some UI to allow the user to say "never ask me again".
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Priority: P3 → P4
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I liked dmose's idea of using the same code that we have for pop-up blocking for detecting if the user clicked a button or link that resulted in calling registerProtocolHandler, as opposed to the page just calling it out of the blue (related to this bug in that there would be less instances of the user being notified about a protocol handler that they have already added).
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