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Make reftests display the output of unexpected passes


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I've been bitten by this more than once: a test that fails locally passes on tinderbox and I have no idea why, and no recourse except to mark it as passing and move on. This makes it much harder to know what to do when creating future tests for similar issues.
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Patch without the tabs

You actually probably want to dump both images, in case it's a != test that unexpectedly passed.  (Or, even better, suppress the doubling in both the cases of an unexpected pass of an == test and an unexpected fail of a != test.)

Also, in, I don't think $randomresult can be true for any but the first and fourth of the five parts of the if-elsif chain.  The second and third parts should probably error in that case, instead of testing and handling it.  (That's an existing bug, but it's inducing you to add overly-indented code in this patch.)

And could you fix to be okay without a space between the "IMAGE" and the ":", at least if you doo the "even better" part of my first comment?

Other than that, this looks good.
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>-            if (!test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_PASS) {
>+            if (gURLs[0].equal && !test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_PASS ||
>+                !gURLs[0].equal && test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_FAIL) {
>                 dump("REFTEST   IMAGE 1 (TEST): " + gCanvas1.toDataURL() + "\n");
>                 dump("REFTEST   IMAGE 2 (REFERENCE): " + gCanvas2.toDataURL() + "\n");
>                 dump("REFTEST number of differing pixels: " + differences + "\n");
>+            } else if (gURLs[0].equal && test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_FAIL ||
>+                       !gURLs[0].equal && !test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_PASS) {
>+                dump("REFTEST   IMAGE: " + gCanvas1.toDataURL() + "\n");

This isn't quite right, because you're using |test_passed| for what |equal| really means.

I think what we really want is:

if ((!test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_PASS) ||
    (test_passed && expected == EXPECTED_FAIL)) {
  if (!equal) {
    // dump 2 images here
  } else {
    // dump 1 image here
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Address review comments

Er, actually, never mind, they're equivalent.  I think.  Although mine might be a little clearer.
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I agree that your version is clearer, and I'll make that change subject to confirmation that the results are the same.
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Address review comments

Requesting approval1.9. This doesn't directly affect the release, but having more information about test failures is going to save developer time and reduce the length of tree closures.
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Address review comments

Yep - good stuff!
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I made the change suggested in comment 5, plus another small change to to make it recognize the lines containing "(RESULT EXPECTED TO BE RANDOM)"
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in-testsuite-, assuming we aren't yet at the stage of requiring meta-tests for test programs.
Closed: 15 years ago
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Ouch, I checked in with an error: I wrote 
 if (equal)
instead of 
 if (!equal)

Corrected version checked in.
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Product: Core → Testing
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