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Localized Extension description not maintained when the Add-on is disabled


(Toolkit :: Add-ons Manager, defect)

Windows Server 2003
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In Bug 257155 we introduced the localization of extension description. This works when the Extension is active and enabled. 

When the Extension is disabled the description goes back to the en-US text.

Steps to reproduce:
- Use a Firefox 3 Beta 1 DE Build and install Adblock Plus
- The Extension Description is German 
- Disable the Extension - restart Firefox - and the Description goes back to english

So do we handle disabled extensions descriptions different then enabled ones ?
We actually added localized text for extensions a long time ago using pref getComplexValue which only works when an extension is enabled. Chances are what you are seeing is that adblock is using this instead of the new method. Can you provide a link to download adblock plus and I'll verify whether this is the case.
Yep, adblock plus has not added the localized text in its install.rdf that was added in Bug 257155.
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thanks, rob

I guess that this could maybe happen to a lot of extensions on Firefox 3.

Mark, Shaver: we maybe to evangelize this in general also for other extensions or ? shall i file a new bug for this ? 
Carsten - looks like Mossop (in bug 257155) added documentation to several places on MDC.

I'll make sure we get this highlighted in a blog post and whatever other ways we can get extension developer attention.
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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