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Broken mochitest on mac


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Building trunk on Tiger I get an error attempting to run mochitest:

wavicle:~/dev/supertemp-trunk/mozilla/obj-i386-apple-darwin8.10.1/_tests/testing/mochitest johnath$ perl 
/Users/johnath/dev/supertemp-trunk/mozilla/obj-i386-apple-darwin8.10.1/_tests/testing/mochitest/../../../dist/bin/xpcshell -v 170  -f "/Users/johnath/dev/supertemp-trunk/mozilla/obj-i386-apple-darwin8.10.1/_tests/testing/mochitest/httpd.js" -f "/Users/johnath/dev/supertemp-trunk/mozilla/obj-i386-apple-darwin8.10.1/_tests/testing/mochitest/server.js"
Error starting application: No such file or directory
FAIL Exited with code 512 during test run
kill TERM 25677
Process killed. Took 1 second to die.
 started: Thu Nov 15 16:43:07 2007
finished: Thu Nov 15 16:43:08 2007

The salient bit is "Error starting application: No such file or directory"

There are two problems here.

First off, it would be nice if it told me the name of the app it was looking for in that error (patch attached).

Second, when I change that exec line, the output changes to:

Error starting application "/Users/johnath/dev/checkin-trunk/mozilla/obj-i386-apple-darwin8.10.1/_tests/testing/mochitest/../../../dist/": No such file or directory

So it looks like FindBin is getting confused, and finding firefox-bin instead of firefox.  Or maybe we've unconfused it recently, and it *should* be finding firefox-bin.  As a result though, when the code in>executeMac appends "-bin" to the end, things break.  I'm not sure when that behaviour changed, but it certainly used to work, for some value of "used to."  I don't have a patch for that half either...
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Oneliner to add app name to error output

this looks decent enough.

Just for helpsies, when running in under buildbot, we pass in --appname==../../../dist/ from the objdir/_tests/testing/mochitest directory. No -bin required.
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so that one liner is nice to have, but I'd also like to know if maybe we can just nix the appending of "-bin" in the first place, if it isn't needed.  Adding Sayre to the CC list since bonsai thinks he has touched a lot of this code.  Rob - is there a reason that code is there, and needs to be kept, given the above?
The only reason I can think that we'd need it is that we'd have to rewrite the mochitest buildsteps for the unittest machines. To be consistent, we'd want to change this for chrome and browser suites as well, if necessary. And then we'd have to figure out what machines we missed in the process (buildbot try servers?).

sayrer wrote all this stuff so bonsai is right. I'd be curious to hear his opinions on this. I don't really mind updating the testing machines if this is a worthwhile fix, I'm just not sure it's all that necessary or critical.
Johnath: I mistook your statement here. I didn't realize invoked without a --appname argument wasn't running at all. Looking into this now...
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talking with gavin and johnath in irc, they suggested removing the addition of -bin entirely since patch in bug 399492 is adding it to at build time. We're still calling --appname ...firefox from the unittest buildbots however and there may be other consumers we don't know about that we might break if we removed it altogether, so I'd like to keep the check just in case.
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add -bin only if necessary

I'm *certain* I can't give superreview, but after our discussion in IRC, I agree that this is the right approach.  I guess you could collapse it to the oneliner:

$app .= "-bin" unless ($app =~ /-bin$/);

but I'm not sure either is particularly more readable.

Should we still land my debug oneliner as well, to assist diagnosis of future problems of this sort?

Also: I apologise for questioning your approach.  Your candor and patience are a beacon of leadership, and I am humbled by your wisdom.  Excelsior!
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Checking in;
/cvsroot/mozilla/testing/mochitest/,v  <--
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