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Integer overflow during creating custom reminders


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The Custom Reminder dialog allows entering arbitrary values for the minutes/hours/days. Entering values greater than 32767 results in an integer overflow in the resulting trigger duration. Example:

Entered values for X minutes before the event starts:
 |      Entry in exported .ics file:
 |       |                     Displayed entry in dialog upon editing:
 |       |                      |
 24671   DURATION:-P17DT3H11M   ok (24671 minutes before the event starts)
 32767   DURATION:-P22DT18H7M   ok (32767 minutes before the event starts)
 32768   DURATION:P22DT18H8M    not ok (32768 minutes after the event starts)
 43210   DURATION:P15DT12H6M    not ok (22326 minutes after the event starts)
 65535   DURATION:PT1M          not ok (1 minute after the event starts)
 65536   DURATION:PT0S          not ok (0 day after the event starts)

Expected Results:
Either the integer overflow must be handled to allow such arbitrary values or the input should be limited to a valid range. The latter solution is already used in the Custom Recurrence dialog.
Additional information:

If "minutes" or "hours" are selected the issue happens at a value of 32768. This looks like a short integer overflow (max. short value 32767, 0x7FFF).

If "days" is selected the issue already happens at a value of 24856. This looks like a long integer overflow of the value converted to seconds (24856 days == 2147558400 seconds.) (max. long value 2147483647, 0x7FFFFFFF).

What would be a sufficient limitation of the allowed range? In my opinion 20160 might be a good value because it would allow to specify an reminder within 14 days with one minute precision. or 120 days with one hour precision.
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