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I believe this started about a month ago. I am surprised I do not see any bugs in the system about it. I saw it on at least and I still see it on

Say that I have a window and the URL in the location bar is "https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Firefox". I can create a new tab and I get the blank tab content, but the URL still says the same in the location bar. I think that the location bar should be empty. I can switch between existing tabs by licking on the tabs and the location bar shows the last URL loaded, regardless of which tab I am in.

I can click on the re-load in a tab and it puts the correct URL into the location bar and re-loads the page.

This happens, for me, on all web pages.

This does not occur on my local build of the trunk (from 20071202_202630_PST).
I can't reproduce this.  (I tried in Firefox on Windows and
Linux, and in both Firefox and Firefox on the Mac.)

Are you missing some steps?  Does the problem still happen with a
fresh profile?

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11 years ago
Urf. I see it. Then I run with a clean profile and I do not. Then I run with old profile and I see it. Then I disable all add-ons and I do not see it. Then I re-enable all add-ons (in bunches) and I do not see it. Quit and launch a few more times and I see it again. I hate this kind of thing.

I will have to get some verbose output going and see if I see anything that might tell me what the heck it is doing.
This kind of behavior is usually indicative of a thrown exception in the global window scope. Setting javascript.options.showInConsole to true using about:config, and the looking for Errors in the Error Console when it happens should help you pinpoint the faulty exception.
(In reply to comment #3)
> pinpoint the faulty exception.

Er, I meant "faulty extension", of course :)

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11 years ago
Thanks for the reminder. Double-checked and I do have that set. I will keep my eyes open for it.


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