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[fx3-fi] Swap google reader for netvibes


(Mozilla Localizations :: fi / Finnish, defect)

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Google RSS reader is not available in Finnish language so Villep and I recommend that we change Google to Netvibes which is available in Finnish.
over to Villep to create patch
This is for Firefox 3, adding that and 'fi' to the subject for better bugmail and archaeology.
Summary: Swap google reader for netvibes → [fx3-fi] Swap google reader for netvibes
This patch would actually replace Bloglines with Netvibes. Google has been steadily translating their new features and it doesn't seem too improbable to see Google Reader in Finnish too. Just so you know: neither Bloglines nor Yahoo is available in Finnish ATM.

If I really should replace Google Reader, just tell me so, and I'll attach a new patch.
Ville, we recently created new guidelines to answer these questions. 

The RSS readers should be chosen because they are in your language, provide a good user experience (more on that in guidelines) and are popular. If there are no other readers available in Finnish than we need to decide it it's worth it to include an english reader. If there are other options, let's consider replacing the others with the local choices.

I don't want to give our users the feeling of a stripped down version (compared to en-US) and would prefer to keep Google and Yahoo as optional feed readers, with Netvibes as the default reader.

Both Google and Yahoo are also popular sites (Alexa lists them as #1 and #11: ). If I'd have to choose, I'd drop Yahoo, as it has no pages translated to Finnish.

I'd like to make the point that smaller locales (like Finland) often have fewer or no localized choices available and foreign language services are used more often too. ie. having stuff in Finnish on the web is more of an event than having them in English.

So, I'd still vote for Netvibes, Google and Yahoo.
ville per comment #4
sounds like a good recommendation. let's do as you suggest. 
Netvibes, Google and Yahoo
Great, thanks. Landed (will verify and then close bug).
(Forgot to close, but now) Verified. Closing FIXED.
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