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Cannot create new profile with Turkish Firefox 3 Beta 2 RC1


(Mozilla Localizations :: tr / Turkish, defect)

Windows XP
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(Reporter: aserkant, Assigned: erkan)


While using Firefox 3 Beta 2 RC1:

1. Open profile manager with firefox -p
2. Click to create a new profile (Kimlik oluştur)
3. Error windows comes up

XML Ayrıştırma Hatası: harici varlık başvurusu işlerken hata oluştuLocation: chrome://mozapps/content/profile/createProfileWizard.xulLine Number 8, Column 1:%profileDTD;

(This's the yellow XML error window we see with Firefox.)

The problem looks to be here as Axel pointed out:

The problem is expected to be solved if comment is not wrapped.
Two workarounds for people getting bitten with this ...

1. Open Profile Manager in a previous version of Firefox, create a 
profile, close profile manager, then launch Fx3B2 with command line 
argument: -p <profilename>

2. Launch Fx3B2 with command line argument: -profile "path\to\profile"
Oh, and duh:

3. Use -CreateProfile <profilename> command line argument
So, the call on release-drivers was to not block ship of B2 on this one.

We're going to mention it on the release notes, though, and please advise your testing community about the work arounds?

And thanks again for early testing, it's sooooo much easier to discuss this without being in 2-hours-to-release-and-already-staging frenzy.

Ahmet, just fix the bug on trunk, and test a following nightly to verify? Mark the bug closed when landed and verified when tested.
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Fixed on trunk and verified.

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