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Share ssh-agent instances across rxvt instances


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Right now there are two instances of ssh-agent that get created per instance of rxvt. Attached patch uses a script that I found here:
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I guess the bad thing about this is that the single instance of ssh-agent will live forever (until shutdown)... but it's pretty small so I dont think anyone will really care. This makes it so that you only have to enter your password once per login session.
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>+  ps -ef | grep ${SSH_AGENT_PID} | grep ssh-agent$ > /dev/null || {

FWIW, $SSH_AGENT_PID will work on MSYS afaict. Probably doesn't matter but I just wanted to mention it.
I emailed the script author asking for licensing permission.
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r+ but pending licensing I guess.  :-/
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This patch doesn't fix the newly born start-l10n.bat, too.
That file looks ok to me... I'm removing the ssh-agent lines from the others and start-l10n.bat doesn't have any reference to ssh-agent.
Hrm. That seems to be a double merge error. Myk landed ssh-agent support for all but one start script, start-msvc9.bat, which I used to create start-l10n.bat, for no particular reason.

Sounds like a good idea to sync all the start scripts in this regard.
That's what this patch will do - I'm backing out Myk's ssh-agent additions and then adding a profile script to do the real ssh-agent work. You got lucky :)
Gosh, I blame the elves for me not reading. Sorry.
Ted, Joseph Reagle contacted me via email and released the script under the GPL. Need a new patch or can I just add that on checkin?
Just add it, that's fine.
Fixed on trunk.
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