Saving a particular .jpeg to disk causes hang



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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en; rv: Gecko/20071220 Camino/1.6b1pre (like Firefox/
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Saving the .jpeg in the link to disk causes an indefinite hang, forcing me to have to kill the browser.  Can be reproduced if image is loaded from disk and then resaved too. 

This is on a Intel Macbook with OSX 10.5.1

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Load image in link
Actual Results:  
Camino hangs indefinitely.

Expected Results:  
Saved the image
Can you get this to happen in Firefox 2.0.0.x too? Our image rendering code is pretty much all shared with Firefox, so it would help to know if the bug affects both browsers.

It would also be useful for you to get a sample and post it here as an attachment. Instructions for getting a sample:


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11 years ago
Hi.  No.  It isn't reproducible with Firefox  

I will upload a sample when I can get (seem to have deleted it :p )...  I'll attached the crash reporter stack trace / error message if that's any help (Camino was also hanging when I clicked attach here - maybe it's a problem with my system).

Comment 3

11 years ago
Created attachment 294114 [details]
Crash reporter stack trace and system info

Comment 4

11 years ago
  48 _FSResolveAliasFileWithMountFlagsThreadSafe + 50 (in CarbonCore) [0x96adc7d6]
    48 _ResolveAliasFileWithMountFlagsCommon + 487 (in CarbonCore) [0x96ab3902]
      48 _ResolveSyntheticAliasFile + 196 (in CarbonCore) [0x96ac3294]
        48 __Z31ResolveSyntheticAliasFileByPathPKhmPhS1_P5FSRef + 693 (in CarbonCore) [0x96aa0205]
          48 _FSPathMakeRef + 47 (in CarbonCore) [0x96a956bb]
            48 __Z21FSPathMakeRefInternalPKhmmP5FSRefPh + 90 (in CarbonCore) [0x96a89b66]
              43 ___open + 10 (in libSystem.B.dylib) [0x91e4be96]

This appears to be hanging deep in filesystem code trying to bring up the save/open panel, so it sure looks like a system issue. When you do this in Firefox, does it show a save panel? I can't think of any reason the panel would be fine in Firefox and not Camino (unless perhaps it's a different default location that it's opening to).

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11 years ago
I guess the other obvious question at this point is, does *anything* that you download by right-clicking and choosing "Download Link Target..." (which will open the panel) hang Camino?

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11 years ago
It's been pointed out to me that we don't actually share that code with Firefox on the branch, so never mind the Firefox part of the experiment. Comment 5 would still be useful info though.

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11 years ago
Could you reply to comment 5 please?

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11 years ago
Closisg based on lack of response. If you can provide the requested information, feel free to re-open this.
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