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Report cycle collector faults to observer service


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This came up the other day... two months ago.  I'm lame.

This patch dispatches an nsIObserverService notification with the cycle-collector-fault topic.  That should allow someone to create an extension that watches for faults and notifies the user, so if some site causes a fault we can pin it down.
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I had whipped up a barebones extension for this...

It actually just observes offline notifications, for testing, but that's trivial to change.
That's the extension I used to test, actually, with a change to the maxVersion and the notification observed.  Oddly, the init() method in the extension only got called on the first startup after the extension was installed, so that was the only time it got installed as an observer...
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Like so

>Index: xpcom/base/nsCycleCollector.cpp

>+    NS_IMETHOD Run() {

Nit: brace on new line.
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Like so

Requesting approval.  This is very safe and might help people debug cycle collector issues in opt builds.
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Like so

Can we dump a message into the error console?
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Sure thing.
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Checked in.
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