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Provide ability to disable preview pane


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Preview pane is annoying. The ability to turn preview pane off is one of the great features of 'Classic' Eudora. This feature should be replicated in Penelodora.

Reproducible: Always
The current preference setting UI in 'Classic' Eudora
You can turn off the preview pane permanently by dragging the splitter all the way down to the bottom of the window.

What would also be nice would be to have the preview pane on/off status retained on a per-mailbox basis.  That's already been entered in 241549, but was WONTFIXed for some reason.
Severity: normal → enhancement
This is either a great piece of not-intrusive 'natural' functionality or the least discoverable way to set a preference. Or both.

I think it would be ideal to augment this ability with a preference checkbox or at the absolute least, an option in the about:config "Config Editor"
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Penelope saves the location of the splitter between the the summary list and the preview pane on a per-mailbox basis, and that has been added in Eudora 8 beta 4/Penelope 0.5a1.

Would also be nice to have a global "never show me the preview pane" setting, though, so I'm leaving this bug open.
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Target Milestone: Future → 0.5
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(In reply to comment #4)
> Would also be nice to have a global "never show me the preview pane" setting,
> though, so I'm leaving this bug open.

As long as there is some GUI widget to show the preview pane (like Classic Mac Eudora had and Classic Win Eudora didn't), then I am good with this.

In Classic Windows Eudora the setting is a way to turn off the preview pane for all mailboxes.  If it's off, no preview pane is shown in any mailbox window.  If it's on, then individual mailboxes can still turn off the preview pane by dragging the splitter all the way to the bottom of the window.  Its advantage is that you can hide the preview pane for all mailbox windows, regardless of whether the preview pane has been sized in the past.

In Classic Mac Eudora the setting is actually just a default value of the size of the preview pane for the mailbox, if the preview pane has never been manually resized.  This has an advantage of being able to set up most mailbox windows to not show the preview pane, and then have a few that do.

Most of the feedback I've seen on this is that users just want a way to turn the preview pane off for all mailbox windows, which unfortunately the Classic Mac Eudora way doesn't provide.  We could provide 2 settings: one for hiding the preview pane entirely (and the splitter along with it), and another for if the preview pane is being shown then how the preview pane should appear by default.  If the preview pane is on but is fully collapsed, then the splitter could still be shown, allowing the user to open up the preview pane.

I've not looked in to implementing the disclosure triangle like in Classic Mac Eudora.  My initial thought is that it's going to require some custom controls, and we can't justify that much work for this feature.  I think putting the splitter all the way at the bottom of the window for hiding the preview pane is going to have to be good enough for users who want to run a mixture of windows with/without the preview pane.
I've made an implementation very similar to Classic Windows Eudora.  It adds a "Show message preview pane" checkbox in the Penelope pref panel, which by default is turned on.  If on, then the preview pane is shown at its last saved position.  If it's off then both the preview pane and the splitter before it are hidden.

For those with initiative, this bug is fixed in the Penelope hg source code
depot: <>.  You can apply the
diffs to the file in penelope.jar.

Otherwise you'll have to wait until the next release, Eudora 8 beta 5/Penelope
This excellent implementation brings Penelope one step closer to becoming my new mail client :)

The first thing I've always done when installing Eudora is disable the preview pane. Now I can just keep up that 'tradition' if I move to Penelope.

Thanks Jeff
Fixed in Eudora 8.0.0b5
Closed: 14 years ago
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