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Change RSS reader to replace My Yahoo with Netvibes for it-IT


(Mozilla Localizations :: it / Italian, defect)

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Remove My Yahoo RSS Reader from the list and replace with Netvibes. Rationale is Netvibes is available in Italian, delivers a good user experience and is more popular in Italy. Localizer team believes this may be because Netvibes has been available in italian longer than My Yahoo. Also, given we should only provide 3 choices we're suggesting the swap. Final list will be: Blogline, Google, Netvibes
Asking approval for Firefox 3
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Patch changing from "My Yahoo" to "Netvibes"

Sticking to Mic's list, this would create Bloglines, Netvibes, Google instead of Bloglines, Google, Netvibes. Thus, r-.
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Sorry, my fault: we spoke about switching from My Yahoo to NetVibes, so I didn't notice the ordering change in Mic's comment.

The new path should be right (I hope).
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Replace My Yahoo with Netvibes and reorder rss readers

Thanks, r=me.

Please check in with a check-in comment referring to this bug and my review, something like "bug 410523, add Netvibes instead of Yahoo RSS reader,". This way, we have a reference to the reasoning here in the cvs history.
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Checking in;
/l10n/l10n/it/browser/chrome/browser-region/,v  <--
new revision: 1.16; previous revision: 1.15

I will check the next builds to confirm that the patch is landed.
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Francesco, if you landed a patch for a bug on trunk, you should close the bug, and mark it verified when verified.

For bugs on branches, we use keywords specific to that release to tell the two apart.

Marking FIXED based on Francesco's comments and a check on bonsai.
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Ok, I will remember this (this was my first bug).

Thanks :-)
thanks for me too (I learned that this time also)
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