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No complete MARs generated for SeaMonkey Mac L10n builds


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In the first step for bug 408190 (SeaMonkey AUS work), I realized that the SeaMonkey Mac box generates complete MARs only for en-US, while Linux and Windows boxen generate them for all platforms.

Builds logs show this error (here for de):
Generating complete update...
mkdir -p /builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/install/2008-01-03-01-trunk/build.18854
make -C /builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/tools/update-packaging full-update STAGE_DIR=/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/install/2008-01-03-01-trunk/build.18854 DIST=/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/l10n-stage AB_CD=de
mkdir -p /builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/install/2008-01-03-01-trunk/build.18854
MAR=/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/l10n-stage/host/bin/mar \
  /builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/tools/update-packaging/ \
  "/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/install/2008-01-03-01-trunk/build.18854/" \
/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/tools/update-packaging/ line 42: pushd: /builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/l10n-stage/universal/seamonkey/ No such file or directory
NEXT ERROR make: *** [complete-patch] Error 1
No MAR file found matching '/builds/tinderbox/SeaMonkey-Trunk/Darwin_8.7.2_Depend/mozilla/../build/ppc/dist/install/2008-01-03-01-trunk/build.18854/*.mar', update generation failed.

The problem seems to be the additional "universal/" dir that is not present for l10n-stage but inserted by

SeaMonkey runs into that, because unlike Firefox or others, we do L10n repackaging on the main tinderboxen, the Mac one of which is configured to do universal builds (FF & Co. repackage their uni builds on separate boxen that are not configured for building uni).

In a similar manner to the patch in bug 391656, we also need a fix here that ignores universal builds for L10n repackaging - but only there, as the main build locale (i.e. en-US) still needs to use the universal dir.
This patch makes us not use the universal/ subdir if we are handling a L10n repackaging build, detected by it being in a /l10n-stage directory.
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> [...], while Linux and
> Windows boxen generate them for all platforms.

for all _locales_ that is, BTW ;-)
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don't add "universal" if DIST is a l10n-stage

rhelmer asked on IRC to forward this to someone who know the L10n build stuff better...

Benjamin, SeaMonkey is running into this problem because it has the UNIVERSAL_BINARY flag set, while other app don't have it, doing L10n repackaging on different machines as the main builds.
We need to have the universal/ path for the en-US builds, while L10n repack builds, which are in /l10n-stage dirs, don't have that subdir.
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Robert, this seems fragile. Could you simply un-set UNIVERSAL_BINARY in the cases you care about somewher?
I'm trying the following:

Index: mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/seamonkey/macosx/
+$BuildLocalesArgs = "UNIVERSAL_BINARY=";  # Extra attributes to add to the makefile command
+                                          # which builds the "installers-<locale>" target.

If it works, we can obsolete this patch.
Hrm, this does not work. The actual call we're looking for here is which is unfortunately the same for both en-US and localized builds, so if we don't go with the patch here, we need to patch tinderbox itself to do the same, with the only difference that we can determine un-setting UNIVERSAL_BINARY by locale code.
I tend to think though that the patch here is the better solution, even if both solutions are a bit hacky.
This bug is also the reason for empty build.* subdirectories appearing in all mac trunk nightly directories for SeaMonkey, as well as the copies of those accumulating in latest-trunk/
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don't add "universal" if DIST is a l10n-stage

Have I mentioned how absolutely fucking ridiculous our packaging systems have become. Need to revamp in moz2!
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This looks ok to land, we'll need to keep an eye out that Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird nightlies and releases continue to work ok on Mac.
Thanks, landed on trunk.

Benjamin, I agree that rework of that stuff should be done, some improvements will already be achieved when building universal binaries moves to a more sane solution - for now, we unfortunately have to live with those dirty nested ifdefs. I'm probably as unhappy with this as you are...
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