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No autocomplete for lower-level domain address


(Firefox :: Address Bar, enhancement)

Windows XP
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There is no autocomplete a/o highlight when you try to enter lower-level part of domain e.g. '' when you are already at ''.

First imagine you're at, then delete in the bar 'somewhere.' and press enter. 

Point at location bar.

If you try to type 'some[...]' you need to put in whole 'something' string then it completes to the rest of ''.

I don't think it is eventually possible at all but this trick should make bar a bit more userfriendly :) 

AT LEAST ONLY HIGHLIGHT w/ dropdown would be usefull b/c ofcourse not only one subdomain is on every domain.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Enter address e.g.
2. Point at, delete the word 'bugzilla', press enter.
3. Point again, click before '' and try to enter word 'bugzilla' - you see? Not completed or even highlighted :)
Actual Results:  
No highlight, no dropdown list w/ history

Expected Results:  
FF would search in history dbase for expected results (match the address user wanted to enter w/ addresses in history w/ subdomains also)

I found it a minute after installing FF 3.0 b2 and reading about new feats of location bar. I noticed the pretty highlight when typing address in and tried to help myself searching for domain resources :) but when I'm into I can't highlight my fav subdomains at

Also this is not a bug in its definition, just a cosmetic case w/ enhancement feature.
I think you're referring to bug 407888; sound the same?  Similar?
Only similiar (but that bug referred by You is also very annoying sometimes). I mean, that if drop-down works fine - so you entered '' (let's say you entered 'b', the drop-down appeared, you choosed ''). Now you want to go to '' so you deleted 'bugzilla'. Now you want to go back to 'bugzilla', so you point at before '' and start typing 'bugzilla' - you won't see any assist in typing (drop-down and/or completing)
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 407888
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