[sl] Slovene, Firefox: Promote Matjaz Horvat as new owner of the localization



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9 years ago
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This has been going around in various mails already, let's get some public tracking.

Seems like Aleks won't have enough time to devote to Firefox localization, and Matjaz volunteered to step up.

Aleks, would you comment here to promote Matjaz, and Matjaz, would you comment here, too, to accept that?

Nothing dramatic going on, I just think that this is the best way to track this.

I don't find an initial registration bug, btw, so no cross reference to that.

Comment 1

9 years ago
Um, not sure what I'm meant to say; but I certainly support Matjaz's new role as owner of the Slovene localisation of Firefox/Thunderbird.
That's well enough. Thanks.
And I, of course, accept my role as owner of the Slovene localisation.

Thank you Aleks! ;)

Aleks, we'd like to keep you as a peer for the Slovenian localization?

The common example in English would be "if Matjaz get's hit by a truck", it's giving us a better feeling in general if a localization has peers. Trucks or other vehicles aside.

Comment 5

9 years ago
Of course, I wouldn't mind staying on as a peer if that makes you feel better. :p :)
Great, thanks, I updated http://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Teams:sl accordingly.

Closing this bug, all stuff is tracked on paper that we needed in this change.
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