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Firefox 3
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Depends on: 325353
checking in e-mail with mook and brad about eta.  it would be great to get this soon.  
Whiteboard: eta:?
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Err, heh, I actually read bugmail more than I do minimizetotray mail ;)

See the dependency list - I haven't had much time to poke the extension, and since there's plans for actually getting the hard part in the tree, using that is much more preferred.  Sadly it looks like there won't be time post-b3 to get that.

mfinkle mentioned that it might end up as a NPOB component for prism, though.  If that pans out, porting the minimal UI bits (which nobody cares about, really - it's all the tray part) would work too.

P.S. I'm *pretty* sure it doesn't work on 3.0b2 whatever the comments say.  It doesn't even build, and with the IID revs it should be throwing like crazy :)  That's the sad reality of having binary components in an extension.

(Brad's opinion about all this might differ, of course :) )
bug 325353 isn't going to land in toolkit until after Fx3... are you able to create a work around? Or are Fx3 users just not going to be able to minimizetotray?
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> bug 325353 isn't going to land in toolkit until after Fx3... are you able to
> create a work around? Or are Fx3 users just not going to be able to
> minimizetotray?

Mook, just another prod. You have a super popular add-on so we are hoping it will be available for Fx3! :)

Mook, checking in again. Any possibility of a work around so we can get this working with Firefox 3? 
Umm.. Nope, this extension does evil things with knowledge of Gecko internals.  I've had no time and very little interest to work on this :(

I'm always on IRC if anybody needs help porting, but realistically I just won't be doing the actual work (at least, around the Firefox 3 timeframe).

Previous attempts at getting other people interested didn't seem to have much response - or maybe the code is just too crazy :p
Mook, just tried to catch you on IRC -- no luck.

Anyway -- do you know what the issues are? Is it just a matter that things are not building? I had one user report that they have been successfully using the add-on on trunk for awhile now.
When I last checked, at least one interface has changed IIDs.

Actually testing it though, I just see errors in the JS console relating to minimizing all windows.  Which is odd, since it doesn't even build on trunk anymore...
I'm really hoping somebody can get this extension updated - I've been using it for a loooooong time and am really missing it in FF3RC1!!
There is a newer addon based on MinimizeToTray compatible with Firefox 3: MinimizeToTray For FF 3 , 3.1b and Thunderbird 2.0 and 3.0b2 1.2.2 (
Its OK guys. Don't worry about minimizing to tray. Use Tray It. You can minimize any windows by holding Shift key while minimizing. 
Download Tray It. 
Add TrayIt!.exe file to startup.
Here is Tray It! Download link
There are at least 2 extensions on AMO that update the original MinimizeToTray:
- MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5 (
- MinimizeToTray revived (

Plus, there's an unofficial updated version of the original MinimizeToTray here ==>

So for me is FIXED.
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