Bugzilla needs a way to distinguish platform bugs




19 years ago
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Currently bugzilla has a concept of a platform, and a component.

The problem here is that component owners get unnecessarily involved when a bug 
is only on a particular platform.

For instance, lets say that on OS/2, menus don't work. When this bug is opened, 
the widget owner gets notified, not the OS/2 owner.

There needs to be a way to specify that a bug is platform only and assign it to 
a platform owner, rather than a component owner.

This will save component owner involvement on platform specific issues.

Perhaps a "Platform Specific" component that routes to a platform owner.

Comment 1

19 years ago
Users often don't know if their bugs are platform-specific.  Should a new bug 
reported against OS/2 mozilla go to the OS/2 owner only if the user clicks a 
checkbox that says "I think this bug only happens on my platform"?
I think that in the case of platforms being ported, users are more aware of bugs 
being only on their platform.

Also, we are planning to use Bugzilla for our test effort, and our testers have 
a requirement to verify whether or not something happens on Windows before they 
open it.

In my opinion, it should be the responsiblity of the port platform owners to 
determine whether or not a defect is their platform only, or everyone. The 
Netscape people don't have access to all the different platforms, whereas the 
platform people typically have another build available to test fixes and verify 
code builds.

What I am really requesting here, though, is two things:

1. The possiblity of a platform owner that gets notified of all platform 

2. An component option that is "platform only" so that only that platform owner 
gets notified.

Maybe it is just a matter of adding OS/2 as a component and making me that 
component owner. That seems kind of hokey though.


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18 years ago
make sure this is possible during schema proposal
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Comment 6

9 years ago
The trend nowadays is rather to ignore the OS and Platform fields. You can use keywords if you want something so specific, and platform owners can query for this keyword. But we shouldn't hardcode anything about platform-specific owners.
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