Bad lines drawn over background images when zoomed



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11 years ago
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At certain levels of zoom I am seeing black lines appearing over the top of content, I think it is repeated background images. See the url and try zooming in or out, you should see the screenshot attached.

The occurs both drawing to a canvas element and to regular page zoom. The effect varies according to the zoom level.
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
Regression from the cairo upgrade
Blocks: 411224
Duplicate of this bug: 413683
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> Regression from the cairo upgrade

Confirmed by dropping to an older version of cairo? By the date range?  Or which?

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11 years ago
Confirmed by comparing builds from the hourly build archive giving the following regression range:
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scale the source image rect when tiling

roc, does this look like a reasonable thing to do?  The problem is that Quartz seems to always start a tile at integer coordinates, so if we have some scaling going on where the edges of images don't fall on integer coordinates, we get seams.  Here I try to specify a slight scale to the image so that it always completely covers the destination tile space once transformed.  It seems to work fine in my testing.
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Why are you removing all the if (action == DO_IMAGE && op != CAIRO_OPERATOR_OVER) blocks?

This could change the output quite a bit. For example if we're scaling a 2px by 2px image by 0.5001 in each direction using a source transform, instead of getting something that's basically uniform (1px by 1px) we'll get the original image.

I'd be a lot more comfortable if we just checked that the source width and height are non-integers (maybe within epsilon) and if they aren't, take a fallback path.
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updated patch

Ok, here's a patch that only does DrawTiledImage if we're within epsilon of integer sizes after transforming.

The other chunks of code that are being removed are bits that I added a while back without thinking straight; they were intended to emulate cairo's "transparent black everywhere outside source bounds" behaviour, but for whatever reason I didn't think that to do that I'd have to explicitly clip out the region that the image was about to get draw into.
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Checked in and upstreamed.
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11 years ago
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visited a page (, scaled up and down with no lines.
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