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file -> quite closes all windows without warning


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if a user does a file-> quite from any window, all Mozilla instances will also
close without warning.

This is the way that the Linux Netscape version has always worked, but I think
there is a usability issue here that should be addressed.

The Netscape Windows version's menu item is "exit" rather than "quit" which is
think is a more appropriate name. Also in windows, you get a dialog box warning
you of what you are about to do. I think Mozilla should implement this behavior
as well. It may prevent a lot of confused users as "quit" doesn't give any real
indication you are about to *really* quit

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open test case
2.Press button. A new window will open with CNN.
3.Choose file->quit. All browser instances will close.

perform the same test with Netscape Linux and Netscape Windows. You will get the
same (bad) behavior in Netscape Linux. In Netscape Windows choose "exit" rather
than quit. you will be prompted with a dioalig box confirming your drastic action	

Actual Results:  All windows close on a File->quit	

Expected Results:  A dialog box should ask if you want to close all windows	

I would actually recommend that the quit menu item be replaced with a "close
all" item or some other term instantly idemtifying the purpose of the item. Quit
is not descriptive of what really happens when it is selected.
Attached file easy test case
In your humble opinion, I'm sure.  Confirmation dialogs are the antithesis of
usability for everyday things like quitting Netscape.  Confirmations are only to
be used when you are about to do something extreme, like format your system

"Close" is for closing a window, "Quit" is to quit using the program.

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