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Make debug mailnews builds nonstatic by default


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...just as debug browser builds are nonlibxul by default.
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My fear about this is that when people add components, they'll forget the static build and break tinderbox. I think mailnews probably adds components more frequently than libxul does.

It would be nice if each developer could decide what they wanted with a .mozconfig option - that's not possible now, is it?

I'm not removing that facility, I just would like to change the default.
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This should be fine, we do the same thing with libxul, since it's painful to build debug.  We trust that developers will watch the tinderbox for bustage if they broke something in libxul only.
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OK - this should be announced pretty widely, and it would be really nice as part of that announcement to tell people how to change their mozconfig to keep the previous behavior.
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Build config change that only affects SeaMonkey and Thunderbird debug builds.
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What exactly are you going to do to address David's concerns above? Let's make sure it happens. 

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>What exactly are you going to do to address David's concerns above?
I've topic'd #maildev and announced in three newsgroups.
Need to remember to check this in after beta freeze...
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Fix checked in.
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