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Need a space for community members to contribute to new Test Automation Projects


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We are working to broaden the community involvement in the Test Automation space.  In order to do this, we need to have a space where contributors can work on new ideas that are not tied to current automation project.  A sort of "Automation Lab" area.

Our thought is to reuse the existing SVN system for this, if we can have the ability to easily create new repositories in the system for new Automation projects.  

If for some reason the current SVN installation cannot handle this, we would like a new linux VM where we could install and manage our own SVN instance for this effort.

Can you outline how new repositories are created on the existing SVN installation?
Assignee: server-ops → aravind
You can use the existing repo for this.  Take a look at the layout at  I can create a repo, something like and grant you (or some group of folks) r/w privileges to that area (or I can leave it wide open for anyone with an svn account to check-in to it).

You can then create any sub-projects within that area.  If you'd rather have a top level, thats do-able as well.  Its up to you.

If the top level project is restricted to only a few folks, then you will not be able to grant new users r/w privileges to any of the (sub)projects.  You will need to file IT bug requests for that stuff.  

Let me know if this works for you and give me a description of the repo layout you'd like.
CCing morgamic, since he has been overseeing some of the svn repo layout details, and his team uses it heavily.
Any updates on this?
only that it would be nice to have a place to point potential contributors to a space and say, "look here". morgamic? How difficult is this to setup?
So I can set this up once you guys decide on what repo layout you want.  Would creating something work for you?

Also, who needs r/w access to this?
That sounds great, though "automation_lab" is a bit of a mouthful. What about just "automation", "automaton" or simply "testing"?

This should be world-readable and I think for starters, myself, clint and martijn would need write access. Others to be added as interested.  should now be ready.

You can checkin either on svn+https, or svn+ssh.  Use your LDAP e-mail address as the username.  You will need your public key for svn+ssh, use your LDAP password for svn+https. 

Note that you will need to have an svn enabled LDAP account for all this work.  I am assuming all of you do.  If not, please open separate bugs to get svn access.
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