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Mac OS X
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11 years ago
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as it is now

The site icons in the awesomebar dropdown should align with the site icon in the site identity button.  This would shift the left edge of the dropdown to align with the bottom corner of the addressbar rather than the edge of the rounded pillbutton endcap. The same alignment should be applied to the right end of the dropdown.

See attached screenshots.

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11 years ago
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as it should be :-)
I know beltzner has talked about fixing this as part of bug 398776. Don't think that will make Firefox 3, though...


11 years ago
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I don't think this blocks at this point.  Would be a good wanted-next...  renoming for discussion.
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Doesn't block, no, but we have this aligned the right way on Winstripe - Dao, can you take a peek at the Pinstripe theme and see if you can point Kevin to the right element to align it to? I think it needs to be aligned to the box holding the favicon, not the box holding the left edge of the site identity button.
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11 years ago
Kevin, on Windows we're using a negative margin to move the identity box off the location bar:,1750,1762,1763#1749

I think you can use something similar, e.g.:

#urlbar {
  margin: 1px 4px;
  -moz-margin-start: 14px;
#identity-box {
  -moz-margin-start: -10px;

... +/- 1px

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11 years ago
(In reply to comment #5)
> Kevin, on Windows we're using a negative margin to move the identity box off
> the location bar:

Good suggestion, but the awesomebar popup looks like it has a fixed width (width="611.7999877929688" here) - so I can nudge it to the left with a margin, but it'll hang over the right side. Any ideas how I can get around that?

Comment 7

11 years ago
The popup's width and position depends on the location bar's width and position. A negative margin for the identity box shouldn't change this.
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10 years ago
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This bug's priority relative to the set of other polish bugs is:
P1 - Polish issue that appears in the main window, or is something that the user may encounter several times a day.

In the primary UI, and an interface the user encounters several times a day, however not incredibly noticeable, overall rounding up to P1
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This should probably be closed as WONTFIX since we don't use rounded endcaps anymore, and the awesome bar popup is now nicely aligned with the address bar.


7 years ago
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