Removing Bookmark from Add Bookmarks dialog, "Bookmark removed" prompt not accessible, focus goes to undefined place.

VERIFIED FIXED in Firefox 3 beta4



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10 years ago
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(Reporter: MarcoZ, Assigned: surkov)



Firefox 3 beta4
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10 years ago
1. Go to a page that you know you have bookmarked.
2. Press CTRL+D. The new Add Bookmarks dialog offers a Remove button.
3. Activate that Remove button.
Result: Focus goes to an undefined place, the prompt that says "Bookmark removed" is not accessible.
Expected: Focus should go to a defineed place. Since everything but the Undo button is grayed out, the Undo button should get focus. In addition, the prompt that says "Bookmark removed" should be accessible.
Flags: blocking-firefox3?
The panel itself is focus (we call focus() on the panel element, pressing tab at that point goes to the undo button. We need to focus the panel so ESC close it, but we shouldn't focus the undo button so pressing enter does not revert the changes.

Comment 2

10 years ago
Mano, OK, if the panel is focused, then we need to make sure its accessible name gets updated to reflect the new situation. Right now, it is still called "Add Bookmarks".
Can you set labelledby to the title element within the panel?

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10 years ago
(In reply to comment #3)
> Can you set labelledby to the title element within the panel?

If the title has an id attribute, yes!

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10 years ago
Created attachment 301012 [details] [diff] [review]
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10 years ago
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the attribute is called aria-labelledby. With that fixed, r=me.
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10 years ago
Question: This changes the panel#s accessible name from "Bookmark this page" to "Page bookmarked". The latter is what is actually displayed. Aaron, where did you get the "Bookmark this page" prompt from? is this displayed anywhere, or did you introduce that just for accessibility? If the latter, that entity could be removed, since it's no longer needed.

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10 years ago
Marco, I was reusing an entity that was already used elsewhere.

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10 years ago
OK! This patch fixes the problem, no other action is needed then, I think. Thanks Surkov!
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10 years ago
checked in
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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10 years ago
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10 years ago
Flags: blocking-firefox3? → blocking-firefox3+
Bug 451915 - move Firefox/Places bugs to Firefox/Bookmarks and History. Remove all bugspam from this move by filtering for the string "places-to-b-and-h".

In Thunderbird 3.0b, you do that as follows:
Tools | Message Filters
Make sure the correct account is selected. Click "New"
Conditions: Body   contains   places-to-b-and-h
Change the action to "Delete Message".
Select "Manually Run" from the dropdown at the top.
Click OK.

Select the filter in the list, make sure "Inbox" is selected at the bottom, and click "Run Now". This should delete all the bugspam. You can then delete the filter.

Component: Places → Bookmarks & History
QA Contact: places → bookmarks
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