No feedback shown when tabs opened in background off end of strip



11 years ago
9 years ago


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If I have many tabs open in the 1.6 Camino tabbed browsing UI, if I middle click on some links in a tab early in the tabstrip I have no idea where they went since there's no feedback that they've opened off in the scrolled region. 

One idea: Firefox 2+ flashes the scroll arrow briefly when this happens.

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11 years ago
Note to self: file bug against Bugzilla that requests the ability to make a bug filed as NEW into an UNCO for discussion with the proper module owners first ;)

Flashing the scroll arrow seems reasonable, though. I agree with Ben that if you're not used to tabbed browsing it would be easy to wonder where the new tab went.
Or the all tabs menu, maybe.

We've discussed doing something, or at least filing this bug, on several occasions....

Comment 3

9 years ago
Galeon (IIRC) scrolls the tab bar to the right to show the new tab (as long as the current tab remains visible).
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