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10 years ago
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10 years ago
The reason I am suggesting this is the other day my profile got corrupt upon installing the newest Nightly Build from another Nightly Build. 

Apon researching this problem, there is no solution other than to delete your profile and start over. Although I might be able to do this, I really do feel that it takes a long time especially if you have tons of extensions and customized perfectly. And not everyone in the world is Tech Savy like most of us might be. 

This is what inspired my idea of Firefox Extended Diagnostics Mode (aka Smart Firefox). I wouldn't expect this to be implemented fast because, although it is possible, it could take quite a bit of work to implement and perfect. (This is also why I set the Target Milestone to Future). 

I do feel this is a necessary feature to add somewhere down the road, perhaps in the betas of Firefox 4 (maybe Beta2 of Firefox 4). Who knows.

Here is my idea:
Firefox should be able to detect corrupt files (or in this case extenstions.ini
missing or corrupt). If it detects such a problem, next time Firefox start it
will run in Diagnostics mode (not noticeable to the user). 

In this Diag Mode Firefox will work in the background (not using excessive CPU
or memory) and do a complete check of the profile and installation for any
corrupt files (like the extensions.ini). 
For this example, say the only corrupt file my Firefox (with diag) finds is the
extensions.ini. It will delete the corrupt file and then regenerate it by
scanning through installed addons and themes and adding them to the list, and
any that are not compatible will be remarked. Then it will tell the user that
it detected a corrupt profile but fixed it. If it's unrepairable it will also
tell the user this. 
Maybe even by default when it regenerates the ini it will check the installed
addons against a whitelist of addons that haven't had severe enough problems in
the past say month, then if it has had big problems it will be disabled by

** When the Diag scans through the installed addons it should also clean up.
What I mean by this is any empty folders or obviously uninstalled/removed
addons it finds should be totally deleted. E.G. I have uninstalled a few addons
and the diag finds empty (obviously uninstalled) folders left behind from
uninstalled extensions (in the AppData/Firefox/Profile/Extensions dir)

** The Diagnostics mode although designed to be totally automatic, the user
should be able to force the diagnostics mode by command of Firefox.exe -diag

** Diag Scanner should check the Firefox exes against MD5 hashes of that build.
So the MD5 Hashes of your installation should match those on the Firefox Server
for your current build (this will work for nightlys too!)

** Firefox should let the user know after the scanning if something was found
to be wrong. This notification shouldn't be annoying, but rather should a
slider window above the system tray.

You know kind of a self auto-repairing browser. That would be cool, no other
browser does that!

Severity: minor → enhancement


10 years ago
Summary: Firefox (Extended) Diagnostics Mode (aka Smart Firefox) → Automatically repair corrupted profile files
Component: File Handling → Startup and Profile System
QA Contact: file.handling → startup

Comment 1

10 years ago
it makes a lot of sense to have a repair site or link on would be worthwhile


10 years ago
Product: Firefox → Toolkit


10 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 450421

Comment 3

10 years ago

Having no nohow on how to repair thunderbird and having what i believe to be a
corrupted version i would suggest severity = MAJOR or even CRITICAL due to my
inability to even fix this without uninstalling and risk/guarantee losing my
data! several years of emails.

There Needs to be some automated or semi automated way to identify (backup &)
reload  reinitialize files critical to the FINE RUNNING of ALL MOZILLA
These checks should be preformed from tools, and also prior to and after when a
new version loads.  I know NOTHING about the underlying archetecture of ANY of
these products.  

(   When I was younger I would delv into the files on all of my programs but 
(   games were written in bytes and my COMODORE PET had an INCREDIBLLY HUGE 2 
(  KILO BYTES of RAM and was upgradable to 8KB!  Things were much simpler!

perhaps there should even be a function key for entering a repair mode so that
the files being used are the ones that get reinitialized.


Comment 4

10 years ago
Wait, why was bug 450421 marked a dupe of this one? They are completely different. Please someone explain.


Comment 5

10 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
> Wait, why was bug 450421 marked a dupe of this one? They are completely
> different. Please someone explain.
> -Mike

Mike you could be right.
However since 450421 was my bug and I believe that it is caused by a corrupted file I rightly or not put it as a dupe of this one.
If you believe I am wrong PLEASE correctly characterize it so that the problem will be fixed and that I may change/add/use my Thunderbird filters.

If I am right then: Fixing 420106 will allow me to automatically replace the corrupted file so that i may update my Thunderbird filters. It appears to me to be caused by an obviously corrupted "window option" being missing or unusable!
If there were a corrupted file replacer, perhaps associated with updater, then every time updater updates, random and seemingly unrelated, problems would suddenly go away saving time and frustration for both users and Mozilla tech folk yielding more time for improving the programming!

If you would tell me how to cause Thunderbird to uninstall itself without deleting my message folders and to reinstall itself I would be grateful. If automated, it might make a cool button to put into the help drop down box.  


10 years ago
Blocks: 450421


8 years ago
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