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Part of advanced preferences tab cut off


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Firefox 3.6a1


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The right border of the advanced preferences tab is not being displayed. I think the dialog has to be sized a bit bigger for it to fit.
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This helps:

prefwindow {
  width: 520px !important;
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Made a patch out of Michael's solution. Thanks, Michael!

Sorry for marking as review? and ui-review? but I didn't know which one I have to take.
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That dialog's width is set in preferences.dtd (see the prefWin.styleGNOME2 entity) and depends on the font used - on the font height, to be precise, as we set the width in em-units.

IIRC we don't automatically calculate the dialog's required dimensions because the individual panes are only loaded on demand. So the simplest solution would be to increase the width to e.g. 44em. Then again, maybe this would be the time for changing to ch-units and adding a min-width (as some UI elements don't scale down as much as fonts do). Not sure if there's a less hackish solution to this issue (which BTW keeps cropping up from time to time)...
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Patch v1.0

This patch is wrong in several ways: It sets a width on all prefwindows, even though only a specific one is ill-sized; it adds an !important rule which we try to avoid as often as possible in order not to make theming more difficult than it already is; it adds a magic number without explanation (we've already got too many of those, so let's not add more); and finally, it breaks several locales which need a significantly wider dialog (just try the German one ;-)).

BTW: ui-review is only for significant changes in UI. Obvious bugs only need review.
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No longer blocks: 411110
Duplicate of this bug: 411110
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So, next try. A few notes:

I added min-width, but I couldn't test in Windows and in Mac OS. Just tested with Ubuntu 8.10 (Linux).

> +<!ENTITY  prefWin.styleGNOME2     "min-width: 44em; min-height: 40.5em;">

min-width increased by 2, like that the buttons show correctly and aren't cut off.

I also increased min-height by one. If the "advanced" tab opens at startup, the bottom line isn't shown. It just shows up when an other tab, which needs a higher height, gets opened and then you switch back to "advanced". With a value of "40.5em" the bottom line is shown without this hack.
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forgot to say that it happens also with the content tab.. shall I fill a new bug report?
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Attached patch Patch v4.0 (obsolete) — Splinter Review

* name of the entity to*
* increased min-width for GNOME again, so the right line border in the "Advanced" tab is shown too

Unfortunately I couldn't test this patch on Mac OS because I have no Mac system here. Could anybody do that for me? (till then it's not marked as "review?")
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smaug tested it on Mac OS and it seems to work ok. So marking for review.
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Has this been tested on all three platforms?
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yes, so adding [checkin-needed]
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Closed: 12 years ago
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merged [Checkin comment 15]
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couple of notes: I believe this is caused by the four buttons on the encryption tab and Mac OS X worked around this issue by putting the last button in its own box below the first three buttons. Also, this affects Windows when using larger fonts than the default. I personally think we should for the time being make the same change as was done for Mac OS X for all platforms and redesign the encryption tab sometime in the future. btw: the prefwindow does calculate height but it doesn't width... I personally think issues with width should be handled either by designing the pref panes with width in mind or providing better methods for wrapping xul elements.
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