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OS X 10.5 unexpectedly failing file:///build/slave/trunk_leopard/mozilla/layout/reftests/bidi/bidi-006.html


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Attached file bidi-006 reftest data (obsolete) —
for details see qm-xserve02 on MozillaTest tinderbox
Attached file bidi-006 j reftest data (obsolete) —
Component: Layout → Layout: BiDi Hebrew & Arabic
QA Contact: layout → layout.bidi
This isn't bidi: the thing that the testcase is testing (bug 386573) passes. The failure seems to be because an italic font is being used and the base character is overflowing into the margin and getting cut off. Related to bug 79732?
Component: Layout: BiDi Hebrew & Arabic → Layout
QA Contact: layout.bidi → layout
I don't see this failure running a nightly build through reftest on a 10.5 machine.
The new mozilla-1.9.1 unit test mac (bm-xserve22) is hitting this problem, see:

The mozilla-central unit tests are running on Minis with OS X 10.5.2. I see that the original comment points to an xserve log. Maybe this only happens on xserves? (Actually, bm-xserve22 *might* be the same physical machine as qm-xserve02 - I'm not sure of the history there.)
Attached file updated reftest data
The data format has changed since robcee's attachments were made, so here's something that reftest-analyzer, etc., can parse (from the log linked above).
Attachment #307277 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #307278 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Over in bug 420913 comment #10 jdagget has an explanation for that failure -- does that apply here, too?
Fonts were not present on bm-xserve22 and once copied over from moz2-darwin9-slave05 (after doing a diff on /Library/Fonts between the two) this test passed.

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Re comment 6:
No, this is the result of an italic font (incorrectly, I think) being used, which in turn leads to a part of the character being clipped.
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