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Firefox 3: Cookie allow/deny popup steals focus


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Build Identifier: Firefox 3 Beta 4

In Firefox 3 the popup for allowing/denying cookies steals focus if the tab that initiated the popup is in the background. In firefox 2 the popup of any tab appears in the tab you are currently in and doesn't steal focus. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Run Firefox 3 beta X
2.Enable from preferences-> Privacy-> Cookies->keep until:ask me every time
3.Load multiple tabs

Actual Results:  
The popup for cookies in background tabs will steal the focus from the tab you are browsing and change you to the tab that initiated the popup.

Expected Results:  
The popup for cookies should appear in the tab you are currently in regardless from the tab that initiated the popup as in Firefox 2.
I've been seeing this behavior for awhile.  I thought it was some sort of security measure and was searching for some about:config setting which would turn it off, but no joy.  I went through the previous betas (b1 - b3), and they all exhibit the same behavior.  If it is part of some new security routine, perhaps the good people of mozilla will at least tell us how to turn it off by whatever means (it's irritating as hell).
I'm seeing the same behaviour in FF3 Beta 5, and was already about to file a bug report. 
I feel it's extremely annoying, as the cookie popups prevent the user from continue reading the original tab. FF2 always had the desired behaviour.
bug can be observed on WinXP as well.
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Closed: 14 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 405239
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