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Elements embedding SVG by ref. don't resize if they depend on intrinsic percentage width/height


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Someone contacted me to complain that the new SVG site banner they're writing for Firefox 3 doesn't work. Their problem is that when the width of an <object> embedding SVG comes from the SVG's intrinsic width, we don't resize the <object> when the CB width increases if the SVG's intrinsic width is a percentage.

Apparently I forgot to implement nsSubDocumentFrame::GetIntrinsicSize despite putting in the checks for nsSubDocumentFrame having a percentage intrinsic width/height (bug 294086):
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This is a brain dead patch to fix a stupid and unfortunate rendering issue, so let's block on this.
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Does this patch require a beta cycle?  Must it block beta 5?

Side note, please, when determining blocker status, erase the knowledge from your brain that there is a patch.  The bug should block on merits of severity and impact alone, not on how fast it would be to fix.  :)
Fair enough, point taken. Still we should definitely take this IMO, but we can probably take it after beta 5.
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r+sr=dbaron, but could you parenthesize the &&-ed stuff in the nsHTMLReflowState.cpp change so that it's clearer that there's an && in the middle of a long chain of ||s?
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Attachment #309971 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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Sure. Checked in with that change.

I'm going to check in some reftests for this just as soon as I figure out why it seems to be okay to resize the window once in a reftest, but not a second time (to restore it to its original size for the tests that follow it).
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