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use runtime lookup for launch services APIs


(Firefox :: Shell Integration, defect)

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In nsMacShellService.cpp, we wound up using some undocumented Launch Services APIs. These are in the applicationservices.framework umbrella in 10.4, but have moved to the coreservices.framework in 10.5. Building with the 10.5 SDK thus results in a build that won't start on 10.4 because it can't locate those symbols. We should be looking them up at runtime instead, because they've already moved once, so we'll need to guard against that.
I'm guessing the use of undocumented LS functions dates back to earlier Mac OS X versions; as of 10.4, it looks like we can achieve the required functionality using documented, public Launch Services APIs.

I've checked that testing and setting the default browser works as expected using this patch. I've also patched GetDefaultFeedReader(), aiming to maintain the same behavior, but am not really sure how that's supposed to work, so testing would be appreciated.
This bug is one of the handful making it difficult to build with the 10.5 SDK for deployment on 10.4 as well as 10.5. Avoiding the private LaunchServices interfaces (which might change again, or disappear entirely) should reduce risk in the future, as well as resolving the immediate issue.
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update patch so that GetDefaultFeedReader actually works


>+    defaultHandlerID = ::CFStringCreateWithCString(kCFAllocatorDefault,
>+                                                   "",

Please use SAFARI_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER here (and drop the NS_LITERAL_CSTRING() part from the #define so that it works), or just remove the #define (since you're removing the only user).
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