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11 years ago
I think it would help out a great deal to bunlde the spectator extension automatically with all test builds be it nightly/alpha/beta/RC builds.  Of course, don't start the data collection until prompted and the user agrees with the terms though.

At the very least bundle it with nightly builds.

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11 years ago
To be truly representative, the sampling must be random across all users. Otherwise, the data will be skewed towards the over sampled users. For example, users of nightlies will likely have browsing habits different than the average user

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11 years ago
Isn't this the same as bug 273241?

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11 years ago
OK, it looks as though I've been an idiot and just clicked "Reassign bug to default assignee and QA contact, and add Default CC of selected component" by mistake. If this has in some way screwed up this bug, would someone be so kind as to revert the changes I inadvertently made?

Thanks, and sorry for the bugspam
There's a lot of privacy issues involved here, as well as potential data-skew issues (f.e., I'm not at all convinced that our nightly/beta audience maps 1:1 with our general user audience) to be wary of. If we do this bundling, which I think is mostly a good idea, I'd want it to come with some way of identifying the source as a nightly or beta user.

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11 years ago
Also, FWIW, I think that bug 423837 may help with these privacy issues. If users are able to see in graphical and/or human readable form exactly what data is being collected and submitted to Mozilla, I think they'll be a lot more accepting of it. Granted, many people would dismiss it out of hand and say that Mozilla is using the data for underhand purposes anyway!

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11 years ago
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> with all test builds be it nightly/alpha/beta/RC builds.
Long story short: if it's not suitable for a release we're handing to the general userbase then it's not suitable for an RC.

RCs are designed to be ready for release and use by the general user base.  In fact, generally on mac and linux the RC packages for the last RC of a release are binary identical to the packages for the release itself.  AIUI, on Windows, this is not the case because of issues with code signing.


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