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Web services changes for Firefox 3 for Kurdish


(Mozilla Localizations :: ku / Kurdish, defect)

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Tracking any changes to web services for Kurdish. 

Here are the defaults:
Search plugins: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, CC, eBay, Wikipedia

Readers: Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google

Mailto: GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail
Calendar: 30boxes, Google, Yahoo

The guidelines for making recommendations is here:

any ideas?
Kurdish Wikipedia ( as a searching engine would be great, since it's the only localized "search engine" at all apart from ODP. Is ODP feasible as a search engine?

We are looking for a suitable, high quality Kuridsh RSS newsfeed, other than BCC. 
erdal - can you be more specific - what is ODP search engine?

great on Kurdish RSS newsfeed - i haven't been able to find one yet. closest thing I found was but it's an aggregator of other feeds in english :(
Sorry for not being precise. I meant, the Open Directory Project (ODP). You can search it, but it's not a real search engine.
I have written to the most important Kurdish news sites to fix their RSS feeds. Do we have a deadline for this?
Erdal, what do you mean "fix their RSS feeds"?
the deadline is RC1 ship which is aiming for Monday April 8. SO, we need their permission and then we can simply make a server side change on our side and it will work. Permission is simple - are they willing to allow us to ship them as a default RSS feed in Firefox 3 Kurdish
The reason we ask permission is in the past we have 'broken' servers with the extra traffic we send to people. this has only happened once as far as i know but since then we make sure the 3d party is ready for us to send them more traffic ;)
As you see I am one of Kurdish Firefox translator. I think Erdal talking about It is the most famous Kurdish news paper's web site. I am working in that news paper. The Azadiya Welat will let RSS feed in Firefox 3.
I don't know how you will ask for permission. I think you can ask via e-mail. is e-mail adresse.
Amed - thanks - i will email there. the most important thing is that they can accept the additional traffic load we will send. as this is the first release of Kurdish, it's not likely to negatively impact their servers ;) 
By fixing I mean that all RSS feeds of the main Kurdish news outlets seem to be broken. 

If Azadiyawelat does not get theirs fixed, we might have to use Voice of America's Kurdish service as a fallback - but that is broken, too!
Hi again,
I fixed RSS feed for
There was a problem about permission of a file. RSS feeds works now
You can ask for permission to use that RSS feeds via e-mail. e-mail adresse is
As i wrote, i am web desinger of Azadiya Welat. I am out of city now. I will check e-mail when i back to office and i will answer it :)
Best Regards,
Amed Çeko Jiyan
erdal, comment #3, let's leave odp out of search plug-in list. 
amed - comment #9, thanks
erdal, from comment #9 is Amed the person from - in which case I can say we have their permission? if so, we can make the change on our side to enable this.
Yes, we have their permission. Please enable the change. What about the Kurdish Wikipedia as a default search engine?
kurdish wikipedia is good.
Whiteboard: needs-patch
This doesn't have a single protocol handler yet. I suggest copying over the en-US defaults in for 3.0, i.e., 30boxes for webcal and yahoo mail for webmail. We can add further handlers on 3.0.x, as we plan to do for en-US.

Could we get a patch for that, and please request review from me.
Oh, yeah, and a patch for, please. Please use as template.
Do we need these tonight, before RC1? Or can we do this later this week?
Erdal, we need it for RC1, however the timing for RC1 seems like we have another 48 hours. can you make that timing? see post in google groups
As Eral said, we have Azadiya Welat's permission for usinf RSS feeds.
Mic Berman said Kurdish wikipedia is good. Yes i also think it is good. I am going to change wikipedia.xml file for Kurdish wikipedia. I think it is ok and it is better.
Hi again,
I changed wikipedia.xml
i wrote "ku" instead "en" for wikipedia links in that file and i commited it. is that ok? do i need open a new bug or some thing else?
Amed commited the changes for Wikipedia directly, without creating a patch:
Which file do we have to patch for the RSS feed?
rss feed is done by our IT group server side in separate bug. nothing for you to do (on me and axel)
I just landed a bustage fix for wikipedia, and moved the file to wikipedia-ku.xml. wikipedia.xml is always picked up from en-US. As are the others, like google, answers etc, I cvs removed those.

Please don't make any follow up changes in that directory without a patch and asking me for review first.

Mic, can you file a bug on landing the protocol handlers for 3.0.1, currently there are none, and a follow up bug for the feed?

Reference for 3.0 is

Resolving FIXED for 3.0 itself.
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Whiteboard: needs-patch → needs-mic
bug 428412 filed on web handlers mailto and webcal
bug 428413 for rss feed
I corrected thing as it says in that link:

The wikipedia is still in English at there. I think it should be Kurdish instead English. I left it as English but if it is possible i would make it "ku" instead "en" in links in the file "wikipedia.xml"
WTF? This bug has been RESOLVED, and you just check in random stuff without asking anybody? Back your check-ins out again IMMEDIATELY, as you're making Kurdish NOT SHIP right now.

It would save yourself a whole lot of trouble if you paid attention to announcements in .l10n, too.

Firefox 3 Kurdish is FROZEN, see

and the orange was announced to be OK, and was expliciltly called out to be DONT TOUCH, see
Resolution: FIXED → ---
And in case you don't believe me, the first tree on went red. Expectedly.
Whiteboard: needs-mic
Amed told me he reverted the changes, but there are no new builds in the tinderbox. Could someone confirm that?
FIXED by now.
Are you sure it's fixed? I downloaded RC3 today on windows, deleted my profile and installed it. The "Nûçeyên dawî" (latest news) are those of BBC World, not of Azadiya Welat.
The latest news was forked into bug 428413, and that's still open. That feed has parsing errors right now.
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