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Opening a new tab via "-remote openurl" tranfers window to current virtual desktop


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Opening a new tab via a command like

  firefox -a firefox -remote "openurl(,new-tab)"

transfers a firefox window from some virtual workspace to the current virtual workspace if there wasn't one on the current before.
This behavior is differnt from firefox-2 (which just opened the tab without moving windows between virtual workspaces) and quite annoying.  Please provide at least an option to disable it.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start GNOME with two or more virtual workspace
2. Open Firefox on workspace 1
3. Go to workspace 2
4. Open a terminal and run: firefox -a firefox -remote "openurl(,new-tab)"
Actual Results:  
The firefox window got moved from workspace 1 to workspace 2.

Expected Results:  
Firefox window stays on workspace 1.

Behavior observed on Ubuntu Hardy.
This behaviour does not happen with Firefox 2.  I recently downloaded Firefox 3 beta 5 to try it out and, as great as everything else is, this is the most annoying change in behaviour.

As an example, I keep my web browser maximised on virtual desktop #3 and my e-mail maximised on virtual desktop #4.  With firefox 2 I would click on a link in an e-mail and it would open a new tab in the web browser.  In due course I would go to desktop #3 and go through the newly opened tabs.

With firefox 3 this means that the web browser jumps to desktop #4, in front of the e-mail I was reading and interrupts the flow.

An option to disable this behaviour would be fantastic - at the moment I keep losing which desktop my browser window has jumped to now!
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This command doesn't seem to do something anymore, so closing as INVALID.

Feel free to reopen if I'm mistaken and/or misunderstood the issue.
Closed: 4 years ago
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