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We should add Community to the top-level nav on
As part of this we'll also need to set up a new Community template, since the Community pages are currently using the Support template (unless we don't want or need a navbar for the Community pages).
We should probably update the Community pages before adding this link to the top-level nav, so I took a pass at creating some mockups of new pages.  I'll work on these drafts a little more and then will follow up with a post that contains more details about the changes.
Posted file Draft of new Community index page (obsolete) —
This shows a simple index page that talks a bit about the community section and then shows some categories of links in the left hand nav.
Posted file Draft of new Community blogs page (obsolete) —
This page shows a list of community blogs.  I figured it isn't necessary to show all blogs aggregated on planet, just a link to planet and then blogs not on planet seemed sufficient.
This page provides links to forums that aren't listed on the current developer forums page at
Posted file Draft of new Community blogs page (obsolete) —
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Posted file Draft of new Community index page (obsolete) —
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Posted file Draft of new Community Wikis page (obsolete) —
Here's what I propose for the community section...

Create a new structure that looks like:

* Community index page
** Blogs and News (new page)
** International Pages (existing /community/intl/)
** Official Developer Forums (existing /community/developer-forums.html)
** Other Community Forums (new page)
** Websites (new page)
** Wikis (new page)

Attached to this bug are drafts of what the updated index and new pages would look like.  I'm sure these drafts are leaving out some links, but they are much more up to date and complete than the current live Community pages.

I would redirect the following pages to point to the Community index page:


I'm not sure if the following are needed or not.  We can leave as is if we're unsure or remove and redirect if we know they are not being used now:


I'll blog about this and then make this live in the next week or so if no one objects.
Comment on attachment 314400 [details]
Draft of new Other Community Forums page

Are the forums on Nabble,, and that frequented or that good? I'm honestly asking because I don't know.
Comment on attachment 314401 [details]
Draft of new Community Websites page

We should try and get Mozilla Museum hosted somewhere more eternal (like in our source tree) just in case.

Another aside: You link to /contact/ which points to webmaster@. Who reads that? I know of a couple of people, but we probably want to expand it to one or all of the owner/peers (not that I need more junk mail ;) ). 

r=me (not that you asked)
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Draft of new Community Wikis page

I'd link to the roots of all of these wikis, without Main_Page, in case they change somehow. For example, not sure if Devmo is going to have the same URL structure when they switch to different wiki software.

Do SeaMonkey/calendar/Bugzilla all use the Mozilla wiki? A quick googling says yes, but I figured I'd ask.

Nit: end the Camino sentence with a period.

r=me with those changes.
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Draft of new Community blogs page

Two comments:

For about:mozilla, I'd link here:

There are other ways to subscribe than the email account and that page lists them all.

Secondly, I'd add mozillaZine Feedhouse to this page. There are some feeds listed on it that aren't on Planet (Asa, for one).

Other than that, r=me.
Attachment #314398 - Flags: review+
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Draft of new Community index page

I feel like there needs to be more on this page, but I'm not sure what. I've thought about it for a couple of days and can't think of anything...
Re comment #12, I don't know much about those forums.  I came across them in a Google search and they seemed to have recent activity.  To figure out if these fit or not, we'll need to decide how broadly we're defining the Mozilla community.  I think it's more than the sites operated by MoCo/MoFo, but it isn't as broad as any site that says Mozilla on it.  Getting more specific than that is the tricky part, I suppose :)

Re comment #13, good point about the webmaster address.  I opened bug 428400 for this.

Re comment #14, I changed the URLs for the wikis and added a period to the Camino sentence on my local version.  I'm also not sure about how SeaMonkey/calendar/Bugzilla use the Mozilla wiki.  If they're using something else, we can add the links later.

Re comment #15, I changed the about:mozilla link and added the mozillaZine feedHouse link on my local version.

Re comment #16, I agree that the index page seems a little short.  If you have ideas for content to add, that would be great.  We can also spruce this page up a bit in the redesign if we add some design elements to the top-level section pages.  
I've worked on this a bit more and have a few other suggested changes.  Other than a few tweaks to the existing pages, the big changes are adding a new Chat page and an Events and Parties page.

Someone had commented on my blog post about this that the chat information was hard to find so this makes it more visible.  I also realized that all we had before were online resources so I wanted to provide some links to information about in person community resources as well.

If there are any comments or thoughts about these new pages, let me know.
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This content is now on the site and Community is in the top-level nav.  Closing as fixed.  If there are any fixes or updates that need to be made to the Community pages, please open a new bug.
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