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List Plugin File Version Number under about:plugins


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Currently we have the Problem when we think about Plugin blocklisting, that we don't have in most cases the File Version Number of the Plugins.

On Windows currently the only way is to use the Windows Explorer -> Properties -> File Version, to see the File Version of a Plugin DLL

Having a File Version Information in about:plugins would make the debugging and blocklist work easier.

Bug 427743 is about exposing the File Version Number and this Bug is about showing this information in about:plugins
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Again, wouldn't hold the release for this.  But, good idea, Carsten!  :)
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Can't do this without another interface change on top of bug 427743. We'd need to alter nsIDOMPlugin which is exposed to the web so I suspect we really don't want this for 1.9.1.
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This is a patch that does it.
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Dave, can we take this patch on trunk (1.9.2) now?
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> Dave, can we take this patch on trunk (1.9.2) now?

I don't see why not, I'll find some time to check it still applies and works ok. Maybe throw in a test too.
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Mostly unbitrotting, added a testcase too.

Not positive of the right reviewers, let me know if there is a better choice.
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patch rev 2

I don't know much about the web compat or security implications of exposing that via the DOM but aside from that this looks good. I'm sure jst can expertly weigh in on the DOM exposure.
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Oh, and I meant to say that I don't see a problem exposing this information to the web, there's nothing new here really, the description and the name is already exposed, and either or both of those often contain the version number anyways already.
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Adding dev-doc-needed for, please also fix the dead xulplanet links there.
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The document here has been updated:

In addition, I added the following two articles to the DOM Reference, although the subpages for each property and method have not yet been written. But this is still a vast improvement over broken links to XULPlanet.
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