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Move email-specific itip processor code to the transport


(Calendar :: E-mail based Scheduling (iTIP/iMIP), defect)

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(Reporter: Fallen, Assigned: dbo)



(Followup from bug 428392)

We have some locations where transport specific things happen. For example:

>Index: calendar/base/src/calItipProcessor.js
>+        // TODO This is email specific -> Move to transport
>         // When replying, the reply must only contain the ORGANIZER and the
>         // status of the ATTENDEE that represents ourselves. Therefore we must
>         // remove all other ATTENDEEs from the itipItem we send back.
>         if (respMethod == "REPLY") {
>             // Get the id that represents me.
>             // XXX Note that this doesn't take into consideration invitations
>             //     sent to email aliases. (ex: lilmatt vs mwillis)
>-            var me;
>-            var idPrefix;
>-            if (transport.type == "email") {
>-                me = transport.defaultIdentity;
>-                idPrefix = "mailto:";
>-            } else {
>-                throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED;
>-            }
>             var attendees = newItem.getAttendees({});
>             for each (var attendee in attendees) {
>                 // Leave the ORGANIZER alone.
>                 if (!attendee.isOrganizer) {
>                     // example:

Some work was already done, getting the scheme from the transport for example. If it turns out to be impractical to automatically insert a ":" between |transport.scheme| and the attendee address, then this could be changed to.
Depends on: 457203
I think this is finally fixed with bug 457203.
Assignee: nobody → daniel.boelzle
Closed: 12 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
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Target Milestone: 1.0 → 1.0b1
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