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cb-vmware01 VMs & tools update


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(Reporter: mrz, Assigned: nthomas)


(Whiteboard: VMs need vmware-tools update)

Tracking bug for downtime (3 hours) on cb-vmware01 to upgrade to ESX 3.5. 

cb-vmware01 is the community build ESX host.

Outage will affect the following VMs:

displayName = "cb-jump01"
displayName = "cb-ausstage01"
displayName = "sea-newref-linux-tbox"
displayName = "sea-mozbuild-win32-tbox"
displayName = "sb-mozbuild-win32-tbox"
displayName = "sb-newref-linux-tbox"
displayName = "sb-win32-tbox"
displayName = "sea-win32-tbox"
displayName = "solaria"
displayName = "lightning-linux-tbox"
Assignee: server-ops → mrz
Group: infra
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Projects
Flags: needs-downtime+
Whiteboard: Tuesday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/13
Whiteboard: Tuesday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/13 → Thursday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/13
Whiteboard: Thursday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/13 → Thursday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/15
Upgraded.  All the VMs except cb-jump01 now have out-of-date vmware tools.  I can upgrade but each VM will require a reboot so there probably needs some coordination on that.

Leaving this open for feedback.
Flags: needs-downtime+ → needs-downtime-
Whiteboard: Thursday @ 9pm PDT 2008/05/15 → VMs need vmware-tools update
Robert, any chance to install/upgrade vmware-tools on these?  
Ping?  I'll hold this open until next week before closing.  Would like to get the tools updated but mostly just to conform.  Since this ESX host is isolated from the others, it matters little to me but you'll likely see better performance with updated tools.
Punting over to Rel Eng.  I think nthomas said something about being able to handle these.
Assignee: mrz → nobody
Component: Server Operations: Projects → Release Engineering
Flags: needs-downtime-
QA Contact: justin → release
Summary: cb-vmware01 ESX 3.5 upgrade → cb-vmware01 VMs & tools update
These two are done and tinderbox restarted:
 displayName = "sb-mozbuild-win32-tbox"
 displayName = "sb-newref-linux-tbox"

This one is off and I think can be deleted:
 displayName = "sb-win32-tbox"

ause, can I go ahead and update the tools on the calendar tinderboxes at my convenience ? It means a reboot for them. 
Assignee: nobody → nrthomas
Priority: -- → P3
Please ignore comment #5, I meant to say that these two are done:
 displayName = "sea-newref-linux-tbox"
 displayName = "sea-mozbuild-win32-tbox"

And this one is off:
 displayName = "sea-win32-tbox"
for the record: feel free to update the tools on the calendar boxes
This is all done now.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
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