Right-to-left control character in URL results in incorrectly displayed messages on error pages (missing LTR character after the URL variable).

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(Reporter: Gábor Stefanik, Assigned: smontagu)


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10 years ago
When the user enters an URL into the location bar that contains U+8238 (the right-to-left character), the DNS error message text often gets garbled, due to a missing U+8236 (the left-to-right character) after the URL variable in the error page's XUL code.
For example, the URL "http://(U+8238)gro.allizom.allizgub" (correct display: "http://bugzilla.mozilla.org") results in the following error message on a Hungarian build (other language builds are also affected, but most display more subtle errors, like a misplaced dot):
"A Firefox nem találja a kiszolgálót a(z) .neyleh bugzilla.mozilla.org"
instead of:
"A Firefox nem találja a kiszolgálót a(z) bugzilla.mozilla.org helyen."

In pseudocode, the error is this:
Instead of "A Firefox nem találja a kiszolgálót a(z) %s(U+8236) helyen.", the string is "A Firefox nem találja a kiszolgálót a(z) %s helyen.". When %s contains an U+8238, then without a terminating U+8236, the entire text block, including the word "helyen", will be treated as right-to-left. (On RTL builds, a similar error can be generated using an U+8236 in the URL - in that case, an U+8238 is missing.)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to reproduce:
Go to the URL. The error is more pronounced in a Hungarian build (or any other build with text after the above example's %s), than in an English one.

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10 years ago
Oops... the URL was wrong. New Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to the URL.
2. Click on the link. It should show the error.


10 years ago
Assignee: nobody → smontagu
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Product: Mozilla Localizations → Core
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7 years ago
Updated URL again. Also, happens on Windows too.

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7 years ago
Ping! Still an issue on 4.0.1.
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