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Site lays out properly using FF 2 but not FF3


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Reported via hendrix. This site lays our properly using Firefox 2, but not using Firefox 3 RC 2 candidate Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008053008 Firefox/3.0.

1. Visit URL using Firefox 2 and observe correct layout
2. Visit URL using Firefox 3 and observe incorrect layout
Keywords: regression
The "Foison C-12 USB | Foison C-24 LaserCut | Foison C-24 USB ", etc text is causing the horizontal overflow.
This overflowing is also there in Mozilla1.8, but in that case, it doesn't cause the table to become wider (and move to the left). Opera 9 is doing the same.
IE7 is wrapping that line of text, so no overflow is happening there.
Attached file testcase
IE7 is wrapping this text, so that no horizontal scrollbar is shown.
Mozilla and Opera are not wrapping.
In this case, IE7 is not wrapping either, in general.
Ok, it turns out that the spaces in the testcases I attached are non breaking spaces, so it seems to me that Mozilla and Opera are doing the correct thing here.
Apparently, IE7 prefers to have a break before or after a <nobr> tag.
Depends on: 256643
That thing that IE is doing is quirks only.
So Firefox doesn't apply quirks mode for nobr elems?

In testcase 3, does Firefox render the page well? Shouldn't the div stretch to content, even if a width is specified?
I have tested this issue on Mac OS X 10.10 with the latest Firefox Nightly 48.0a1 and I can't reproduce it. Reporter please retest this with the latest Firefox version or Firefox Nightly and see if you can reproduce the problem, please use this links for Firefox versions:  and
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Marking this as Resolved: Incomplete due to the lack of response from the reporter.
Reporter, please feel free to reopen it if you are still having this issue on the latest Firefox version.
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