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Here's the mozilla-specific rss feed for gozer (IT, MoMo):

He'll talk about IT for MoMo.

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11 years ago
gozer needs to approve, and we need a short bio to use for him (see for examples).
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: PC → All
I certainly approve, if slightly worried.

If possible, can 2 feeds be added to the planet? is my own blog, where I'll be talking about the stuff I do for Mozilla Messaging.

There is also the Mozilla Messaging NOC blog I created, feed here:

As a news feed for purely infrastructure related posts, of a more general interest, and immediate nature. (For instance, our network connection is down until such and such a time, etc)

As for a short bio, here goes nothing (attempt #1):

Philippe M. Chiasson, known by his friends as Gozer, is helping the Mozilla Messaging folks build out a whole infrastructure they will be able to eventually call their own.

When not busy wrangling servers into doing his biddings, he's often found hacking on various open-source projects, juggling or spinning a yo-yo. He's one of those folks that never managed to figure out if he wanted to be a sysadmin or a programmer, so he might also fix a few Thunderbird bugs or two.

Ping. Anything more I need to do for this to get completed ?
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11 years ago
Waiting on another peer to approve.

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11 years ago
a=asa. sorry for the delay.


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Assignee: asa → reed

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