Opening pdf-file in Firefox 3, System froze and need hard reset




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opening a pdf document in new firefox 3, the complete computer (not only firefox 3) was frozen and i need to make a hard reset to start notebook again. trying second time the same problem happened.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. starting firexfox
2.opening website and then a pdf-document
3.document was opened and shown
4.after opening, notebook froze and no keyboard or mouse instruction was possible way: need hard reset to restart the system
Actual Results:  
after restarting, system was working ok
Firefox is a userspace application and a userspace application can not hang/freeze the whole system. Firefox may make your system slow as hell.
You must be always be able to open the taskmanager with ctrl+alt+del even if it takes some time to open.

Please reopen if your system is only slow, if the whole system is frozen then this report is invalid.

If you reopen then also include the minimal needed information :
Do you open with the acrobat plugin or as helper application and which exact plugin version do you use.
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Comment 2

10 years ago
I disagree with Matthias' comments above.  I've encountered the same problem that's been reported here with the new release of Firefox.  I cannot either download or view PDFs.  Each time that I attempt to do so, my PC or laptop will freeze.  It even hangs the opening of TaskMaster.  CPU utilization will max out at 100%.  And when I am able to view Processes, it's all Firefox that's sucking down the CPU utilization.  Network utilization will be a zero or nil; so, nothing is being downloaded.  Often, Taskmaster hangs and I cannot end Firefox or reboot.  I've had to do a hard power-down to get out of this mess. 

IE ver7 has no problems opening or downloading PDFs.
I am running Adobe 7.0 Professional and Windows XP Service Pack3 on both my PC and laptop.  These are fast machines and I'm usually running nothing else other than Firefox when this problem happen.

I just encountered this problem when I attempted to download an instruction manual from  I've encountered this problem many time before and regardless of the site visited.  This problem can be easily recreated as stated in this problem report.

This problem still exits.
This problem report needs to be reopened and looked at!!!!!
>I've encountered the same problem that's been reported here with the new release of Firefox.

No, you don't see the same issue.
You can open the taskmanager, it needs time if the case of out-of-memory but you can open it and that means that you don't see this bug.
Report a new bug if you get this issue in the firefox safemode. This problem can not be easily recreated because our QA would have catched this, this works for me and we would have hundreds of bug reports in bugzilla.

Comment 4

10 years ago
Created attachment 329586 [details]
screen print of taskmaster during system hang

Screen print shows cpu utilization max'ed out at 100% but page file usage is FLAT.  Memory usage is minimal.  Taskmaster was opened first before attempting to download PDF.  Otherwise, CTRL-ALT_DEL to open Taskmaster while system is max'ed out either does not work or if it does open Taskmaster, Taskmaster is non-functional (unable to move from tab to tab).

Comment 5

10 years ago
See attached PDF.  There is no out-of-memory condition.  Taskmaster was running only because I opened it first before attempting to download the PDF to recreate the problem; so that I could observe the system's behavior.  Otherwise, I either cannot open Taskmaster or if I can open Taskmaster, it too hangs.

Unless your QA folks have exactly the same configurations that the person, who initially reported this problem, or I have on our machines, they will not be able to re-create this problem.  You may not have hundreds of bug reports because most folks do not report problem and work around it instead.  That's what I was doing (ie. using IE7 instead as a workaround) for a long time after I upgraded to Mozilla release 3 and kept getting this problem.  I only recently discovered how to report problems. I can recreate this problem at-will on three different types of machines running different operating systems (XP & VISTA) and running Adobe Pro Version 7.0.

This problem really deserves another look.
Again, your system is not frozen and that means that you are not seeing this bug.
Please open a new bug report (if you get this also in the Firefox safemode) and don't add more spam in this one. You can cc me on that bug.

And because you only recently discovered to report problems doesn't mean that we have no users. I'm working 8 years in bugzilla and be sure, we would have many, many bug reports. 

BTW: That it works in IE means absolut nothing if you display PDF inline because IE5+=ActiveX plugin and all other browsers=NPAPI
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