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[ko] Add Daum Calendar to webcal protocol handler for Firefox 3.0.1


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After Bug 407938, new service provider was implemented for webcal protocol.

Daum Calendar did as following url:
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This was already implemented in late May.
If you have any problem, you can contact as following person too.

Technical contact: Dongwan Kim -
pike, is this is on you now?
channy, have you tested the feature?
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(In reply to comment #2)
> pike, is this is on you now?
> channy, have you tested the feature?

On testing, there is some problem. 30boxes didn't require user login, but Daum calendar did. Does it have not to require login to show calendar?
hmm that's a good question about log in - i don't think i've encountered that before. pike have you?
Channy - If the web service requires login, then the web service should redirect the user to a login page. After the login is successful, redirect back to the original URI sent from Firefox.

Firefox does nothing to help with the login process. The web service is responsible for determining if the current user is already logged in or not (cookies, session data - whatever).

This should be no different than if a user clicked on a link to the calendar from an email or other website - the web service will check to see if the user is logged in before displaying the calendar. If the user is not logged in, the website will redirect to a login page, then show th calendar after login is successful.
Mark, Thanks for your comment. Of course, I know what you say. 

I mean web services for mailto handler need to be logged in for edit page. But, for webcal handler, 30boxes doesn't need to do and just show imported calendar. In case of Daum Calendar, it needs to login and if user is logged in or success to login, it redirects to web page that shows imported calendar.

My question is what requirement is for webcal handler for loggin process.
Ahh, you are asking from a policy standpoint, not a technical standpoint.
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I didn't realize that 30boxes was working without an account ;-), but I guess that it does is a good thing. Not sure what our guideline should be here.
let me do some more digging here (talk with betlzner on this as well) for policy side and get back to you. channy this may take me until middle next week as folks are away on my side until then. is that ok?
Mic, please let you do.

In my opinion, webcal handler has better show calendar directly without no actions such as loggin and import. It's suitable action for purpose of webcal. provider can make a button for loggin and importing.

In result of Daum calendar, they said to me that it can be done, but it takes more time to implement public calendar. 
Mike, I know that Mic wanted to get your input on the UE here, not sure if that came up. Short summary, Daum's webcal requires user auth, while 30boxes doesn't, is that OK?

If we need more time to make up our mind, we should push this out to 3.0.2.
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Summary: Add Daum Calendar to webcal protocol handler for Firefox 3.0.1 → [ko] Add Daum Calendar to webcal protocol handler for Firefox 3.0.1
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Add daum calendar as webcal handler.patch

Putting a review request on beltzner for the UE guidance. See comment 6 for details.
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Channy, is this still a valid bug?
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Resolving this incomplete, please reopen if this is still valid.
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