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[PATCH] respect application caches in imgLoader.cpp


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Bug 442806 adds per-webapp caches that are associated with a given context.  These application caches affect loads, and are propagated through the loadgroup.

There are two problems with this in imgLoader.cpp:
a) The cache shouldn't reuse requests that came from one application cache to serve requests from another application cache (or not from an app cache at all).
b) The load group isn't passed on, so the channel doesn't know to use the application cache.

The attached patch tries to fix these two problems, by refusing to reuse cached requests that come from a different app cache, and by manually propagating the nsIApplicationCache instead of relying on the load group.
Attached patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Assignee: nobody → dcamp
Attached patch updated for 430061 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The patch in bug 430061 obsoletes v1.  New version of the patch is updated with that patch in mind.
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updated for 430061

The latest version of the app-cache patch will pick up the application cache from either the notification callbacks or the load group's notification callbacks.  Since imgLoader passes on the docshell's notification callbacks, the part of this patch that propagates the application cache is no longer necessary.

We still need the change to avoid reusing requests from different application caches, I'll put together a new patch for that.
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Attached patch fixSplinter Review
New version just refuses to reuse requests that come from a different app cache.
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Summary: respect application caches in imgLoader.cpp → [PATCH] respect application caches in imgLoader.cpp
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