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[br] [br-FR] Registration of Breton team for Firefox, Thunderbird


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I (Philippe BASCIANO-LE GALL) would like to start (co-leading with Guilia Fraboulet) a Breton localization team for Firefox and Thunderbird.

I am already lead of the Breton localization effort ( cf. ) and has been involved in several other l10n projects, all listed on

Alan Monfort is our main translator. He is a linguist, author of a Breton dictionary and involved in Breton localization since a long time now ( > 5 years ).

Other people including native speakers will join the project, I'll keep you posted.

The latest FF3.0 translation can be downloaded here:

The translation of Thunderbird 2.0 is on the way (75% already done) and will be completed to 100% within a short time.

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Breton translation of Thunderbird is now 100 % completed.

I am still trying to contact Cedric Corazza on IRC in order to go further with our integration.

Hi An Drouzig:

Hope you are doing well.  I am not sure where you are in your localization effort at this time.  Have you started translating Firefox 3?  If you have begun work on FF3, thank you for all of your work at localizing.  We're at the unique point of determining if you should localize for Firefox 3 or move onto localizing for Firefox 3.1, depending on your availability and interest.

If you are interested in working on *something* that is stable, you can continue to focus on localizing Firefox 3.  We can get stable builds going for you.  However, we will eventually ship your work in Firefox 3.1 and you will need to update the effort you are putting into Firefox 3 right now.  The good news is that the string changes from Fx 3 --> Fx 3.1 are presently small in number (~30), so the update should not be too much too handle.  

However, if you are interested in moving your effort toward localizing Firefox 3.1, then you can read the following documentation on working with Mercurial and getting a local environment set up on your machine.

or learn the basics about Mercurial here:

Thanks so much for your hard work.  As always, ping us with any questions, we are ready to help.

Kind regards,
Hi Seth,
we are now ready to move to Mercurial,
I installed TortoiseHg on my machine.
do we need any kind of "mercurial account" to be able to move forward ?
Hi Phillipe, firstly, mind pulling the security vulnerable versions on We're trying to keep our users safe first, and most of the versions you offer are rather the opposite. The best way to keep your users safe is to actually offer a language pack only, as that will keep the automatic security updates going.

As for the next steps, we'd like to get a tar.gz of your work for review. Make sure to not include the .hg internal repo files, the package will get too large to attach then. 'cause that's what you do, attach that file to this bug, and request review by setting the 'r' flag on that attachment to '?', and enter my bugmail as requestee.
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Hi Alex,

I have removed the old versions of Firefox and Thunderbird from our download area.
The only two which are now downloadable are the 3.0.5 and respectively.
Binaries are based upon official english versions.

Once installed these versions can update themself (it did well from version 3.0.0 to 3.0.5), but I always chose to repack .exes for our new users. I suggest to remove all the .exe once we have our first beta build available ?

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added requestee
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I'm sorry that I only noticed this bug now :-(

We are no longer accepting any contributions for Thunderbird 2 as we are actively working towards Thunderbird 3. We have already released two beta releases of Thunderbird 3, so I think that your localization work would be better spent by shooting for the Thunderbird 3 release instead of the old Thunderbird 2.0.0.x releases.

The beta2 release of Thunderbird 3 can be found here:

Some additional information for Thunderbird localizers is here:
What's wrong with the firefox pack ?
It still not available in Debian or Ubuntu.
(Not available without ugly hack...). Is there something to do ?
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Breton translation files for Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5

Sorry for the lag, I work through my review queue in chunks.

This seems to be a tar of the unpacked language pack, which is not what our sources look like.

As I know that you guys have good ties to the French community, I'm positive that you'll find someone capable of helping there. Pascal might have someone in the back of his head?
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Breton translation files for Mozilla Thunderbird

Cancelling this review request based on Simon's comment, and the fact that the corresponding Firefox attachment got an r-.
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Whiteboard: needs updated sources

I have completed the Breton translation for Firefox 3.5.
I used the Mercurial sources to do it, so it should be usable this time.
Let me know if there is a problem.

Thanks in advance
Attached file Breton translation for Firefox 3.5 (obsolete) —
Attached file Breton translation for Firefox 3.6 (obsolete) —
I have also adapted the Breton translation for Firefox 3.6.
You can find the sources for this new version in the attached file.
I have updated the breton translation for Firefox 3.6b1pre.

Could you also add my name to the memberlist of the breton language team?
It will easier for me to update the translation if I have a Mercurial account!

... and here is the breton translation for Firefox 3.7a1pre
... and now the breton translation for Firefox 3.6b2pre again!
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Michel: you should ask for Axel's review as suggested in comment #4.
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Attached file Breton translation for Firefox 3.6 (obsolete) —
My new version of the breton translation of Firefox 3.6
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Sorry for the lag, and the quite extensive comments coming up. They should be quick to fix though.

This looks pretty good already, but I have new compare-locales code in the works which actually spotted two errors:

        ERROR: argument 1 `S` obsolete at line 9, column 22 within confirmRepostPrompt
        ERROR: argument 3 `d` should be `u`, argument 4 `d` should be `u` at line 72, column 18 within XMLParsingError

The first is actually dom's being for different strings than the Firefox-special strings in browser. Please localize that file according to their en-US strings?
The second one is just replacing %?$d with %?$u.

Further comments:
Please revert browser/chrome/browser-region/ to the en-US version, we'll customize that as fits in a separate bug. Same goes for browser/searchplugins/list.txt.
In br-FR/browser/chrome/browser/migration/migration.dtd, some accesskeys are the full product names, while they should be accesskeys. Please compare with an up-to-date en-US source.
Whiteboard: needs updated sources
Comment on attachment 423556 [details]
Breton translation for Firefox 3.6

r- based on the comments before.
Attachment #423556 - Flags: review?(l10n) → review-
I have updated the translation for Firefox 3.6.4
It should be correct now
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Comment on attachment 354812 [details]
Breton translation files for Mozilla Thunderbird

I expect that 2.0.0.x thunderbird translations will need updates before getting a review, thus making this obsolete.

I'll get to the review of the fx attachment soon.
Attachment #354812 - Attachment is obsolete: true
We've done a review of the attached and filed bug 585936 to add a Breton
repository to Hg.  After that, we will do an initial landing and Breton will
have builds to test.  More work will follow.  :)
Blocks: fx40-l10n-br
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Sooooo, now we're talking, landed

Firstly, welcome to the new world, you have localized builds for Breton Firefox 4.0pre.

*Immediate Next Steps*

To get them to ship to users, we'll need to work on the bugs blocking your release tracker,

*Staying connected*

You should also follow the Mozilla l10n newsgroup,, available as mailing list, newsgroup or google group. The traffic isn't too high frequency. You'll find messages starting with [ANNOUNCE] in the subject every now and then, those are vital to read, as they include things that the l10n-drivers want you to know and attend to. There's a second group,, where we discuss web localization issues. That's a separate group as quite a few localization teams have dedicated volunteers for that.

*Breton Builds of Firefox*

We refer to the pre-release versions of Firefox as "builds". These are where you will continue to work and test to perfect your localization. They're coming in two variants:

- Nightlies. You find those on Sometimes it starts with old versions, so you wanna look at the end what's the current version, and then search for the,, or files for win, linux, and mac, resp. These files are good to use for daily browsing, and they'll get a small incremental update every night, bringing both the latest of the stability release as well as your landings to you and your fellow testers.

- Tinderbox builds. Those get built within a few minutes after you landed fixes in hg and pushed them to the upstream repo. Those are the right thing to quickly verify that the changes you made work in the build. These builds can be found on (note the different dir two levels up).

Both of these builds are coming from your new hg repository. You can clone it with anonymously, and with ssh:// instead of http:// once you got your hg account.

Please make sure that you're not regressing the fixes that I landed on top of your attachments. The diff is at, making 'br' the primary locale code. Feel free to request help and review on the first patches you land.

*Monitoring your localization now and in the future*

Now, as if that wasn't enough, there are a few places on the web that you should regularly check to see if there's stuff to do. One would be the web dashboard (you'll use that to hunt down the web pages for your Firefox release), The other one is called the dashboard, you can find it at And you and your peers should start watching the bugzilla alias for your locale, br@localization.bugs, once it's created. You can do that at the bottom of

Enjoy and congratulations!
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