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[th] Firefox 3 RSS reader setup for Thai


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RSS readers are web services allowing users to subscribe to RSS feeds online and view them. If Firefox detects a feed, it offers the user to subscribe to it, either as a live bookmark or via one of the web services.

The current RSS Readers in en-US are Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google.

We want to ship a good set of defaults for Thai, and will work towards that in three stages.

First, the localization team and Mic (Michal Berman) will look at the market for the language and come up with a good candidates. Isriya, we'll need your input on this, the guidelines for making recommendations are on After we decided on a particular RSS reader, Mic will contact the owner and ask for permission. undefined, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information. And yes, as in the other web services bugs, I'm waving to Gen here.

Once we have a specification on what the set of RSS readers for Thai should look like, the localization team and Axel will work on an implementation on that. This should happen by the localization team creating and attaching patches for the desired changes, and requesting review from Axel. After a successful review, the localization team will land them. If you're not feeling comfortable with creating those changes, ask Axel to help out.

Please don't commit any modifications in l10n/th/browser/chrome/browser-region/ to the cvs repository without a patch reviewed by Axel or someone else appointed by Mic. The data here is sensitive to users and our search partners, thus the extra care here.

Thai l10n discussion (in thai) -
Patipat, that looks like your tracker for the sample feed. RSS Readers are orthogonal to that, i.e., web applications that you can use to read those feeds. Surfing around on or should give you an idea. I would think that you probably want to file a new ticket on google code for this, too.

Sorry, my fault, too sleepy i am.
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Hi Patipat :)
The current defaults are My Yahoo, Google Reader and Bloglines. 

I see on that they do not have any plans for Thai but on Netvibes they have about 26% of Thai already translated and the localizer is 

Do you know if there are any other readers available in Thai - the goal for this service is to provide a good and in-language user experience. 

I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions
Hi Mic,

My preferable choice is Google Reader, currently it's not yet be localised to Thai, but most of google services e.g. Gmail, Calendar etc. are localised to Thai, therefore Google Reader is promising.

My Yahoo! and Bloglines are ok.
from Mic's comment in bug 443376 I better move my comment here.

In conclusion, my preferable choice for RSS reader for Thai build are
- Google Reader
- Bloglines
- My Yahoo
Resolved FIXED then, we already have that in CVS.
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(In reply to comment #7)
> Resolved FIXED then, we already have that in CVS.

thanks Axel.

We checked out the cvs this morning (utc+7) and the order in is still Bloglines, Yahoo, Google, does this what it is intended to be in CVS ?
(i.e. the correct order will be read from other source, not l10n/th/browser/chrome/browser-region/ )

(In reply to comment #6)
> from Mic's comment in bug 443376 I better move my comment here.
> In conclusion, my preferable choice for RSS reader for Thai build are
> - Google Reader
> - Bloglines
> - My Yahoo

Do we going to specifically put it Google *Reader* ?

current 'browser.contentHandlers.types.2.uri' value  is ""

which means it will let user choose on the spot which service he/she is going to use 1) Google homepage or 2) Google Reader

if we really like to use Google Reader, this value should be changed to Google Reader's url.
"Google Reader" is our oldschool name, it's just called "Google" now, and the fusion url is the one we should use.

If you think that we should re-order the handler, please reopen this bug.
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